Senate Rejects Gun Control Measures

One Week after one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States, the senate could not muster enough bipartisan support on four different measures to advance new restrictions aimed at curtailing gun violence in the country. Democrats and Republicans had put forth competing amendments to strengthen background checks and prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms, all four bills fell short of 60 votes needed to clear it. The 60-vote threshold required for passage prevented even Republicans, who control the chamber, from pushing through their favored measures.

The National Rifle Association wrote to members Monday. The group holds powerful sway among Republicans and moderate Democrats. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid has blasted Republicans for withholding support for his party’s plans, saying on the Senate floor that “Senate Republicans should be embarrassed – but they are not, because the NRA is happy.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claims the GOP proposals are more directly targeted toward the Orlando shooting, and also argued that the Democratic proposals would not provide due process for individuals barred from purchasing guns.

Gun Control Measures cartoon by Hill Communications Canada © Michael Pohrer 6-21-2016
Gun Control Measures cartoon by Hill Communications Canada © Michael Pohrer 6-21-2016
Michael Pohrer
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