Obama’s Time Runs Out As Trump Storms In

As in life, everything eventually comes to an end. After almost eight years in office, Barack Obama’s time runs out, and he is in the same position as George W. Bush was in November 2008.

Donald Trump’s triumph in the presidential race over Hillary Clinton means that not only is Obama preparing for his own exit, he may be contemplating his legacy.

In 2008, Obama was expected to bring Hope and Change, but in 2016, it feels as though he generated Hopelessness, Divisiveness, Destruction of the American Dream and unwelcome Change.

The bi-racial Obama played up racial division, causing more problems by emboldening lawbreakers and preying on white guilt. He used his presidential “bully pulpit” to blame police for some things they weren’t guilty of and did nothing when he should have done something. He also presided over the military-style arming of local police forces.

Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment, Obamacare, while achieving some positives, for people with pre-existing conditions, destroyed the doctor-patient relationship for many more. It also destroyed lives by putting people out of work, because employers could not afford to pay for its premiums and changed working conditions from full-time to part-time.

Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, concocted a foreign policy that promoted and supported the Arab Spring, resulting in death, destruction and chaos across the middle east. This lead to the murder of Gaddafi, a tough guy who was keeping terrorists under control. Together, they started more wars than George W. Bush.

Obama presided over the Iranian Nuclear Deal that saved the murderous Iranian regime, as it was showing signs of failing and falling to the power of its peace-loving people. He rewarded the recalcitrant mullahs by handing over massive wads of cash that allowed them to continue their gay-hanging terrorist-supporting ways. The growth of ISIS can be directly attributed to Obama and Clinton, and their complete inaction on Syria has resulted in waves of refugees and terrorists entering and destroying peace in Europe.

Obama’s weakness and inaction lead to the renewed rise of Russia and was recently leading to a confrontation with the Russians.

A Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Obama for talking about peace must by lying in a dark cupboard somewhere, lest the shiny object remind him of his stated plan to bring peace to the world. Rather than peace, he brought war and destruction by drone.

Obama filled the White House and his Administration with high-flying progressive blacks and muslims and created numerous scandals such as Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservative groups and the encouragement of rioting against police and destruction of businesses in their own communities.

Unfortunately he completely failed to do anything for the blacks and Hispanics in the streets, other than handing out free Obamaphones. He never even visited “his people” in Chicago, the most violent city in the US that also has the strictest gun laws that do nothing to curb black murders by other blacks.

Outside of the big cities, Obama also failed the people, taking away their jobs by shutting down their industries, making it easy for companies to ship jobs overseas and then ignoring the people left behind.

And so it is little wonder that as Obama’s time runs out, he prepares to hand over not to his hand-picked successor, Hillary Clinton, but his nemesis, Donald Trump.

The people who voted for Donald Trump may not see anything positive in the Obama presidency right now, but Obama has done something positive for America. He showed that a clever president can easily destroy America, by subverting its constitution from within, especially when there is a compliant congress that doesn’t fight hard enough for the constitution or the people.

Obama’s effort to reshape America and rewrite the constitution through executive orders, activist judges and setting up his successor almost succeeded. It remains to be seen whether President Donald Trump can unite the fractured country and make things happen fast enough in his honeymoon period to get the nation on his side.

The Constitution was drafted in1787, and a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what the founders had given the American people. “A republic, if you can keep it,” he said. Let this be a reminder to Americans for another 200 years, that allowing the arms of government to weaken the Constitution will eventually result in the loss of both the Constitution and the Republic.

As the sands of time run out for Obama, Daniel Greenfield wrote this week that The Obama Era is Over. Greenfield said “The Obama era ends not with a bang, but with a whimper.” It is to be hoped that Obama will work towards a successful transition of power, without planting any poison pills.

obama's time runs out.
Obama’s time runs out. Hill Communications Canada © Michael Pohrer NB 11-8-2016

Note: Michael Pohrer and Editor Alan Gray contributed to this story.

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