Maddow: No Chance Hospital Ship Will Arrive in New York Harbor

Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC prophet of doom, told her viewers that President Trump was wrong. She said there was no chance any hospital ship would arrive in New York Harbor next week.

Someone obviously forgot to tell the Navy they could not arrive by next week, because it is already next week and the ship came steaming into the harbor.

In related news, Governor Andrew Cuomo told the media that President Trump was not supporting New York. Cuomo said they desperately needed respirators, but Trump only sent them 400 of the 30,000 they asked for.

Showing that his math skills were sorely lacking, the governor demanded to know which 26,000 people would die out of the 30,000 serious COVID-19 cases. Days later, it was discovered the governor was actually hoarding 30,000 respirators, saving them for the estimated “peak day.”

msnbc says hospital ship will not arrive in New York
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC host, says hospital ship will not arrive in New York next week.
Alan Gray
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