Millennials v Politics

Millennials just got a great lesson in politics. They learned that when politicians and political parties say they will do something for the people to get their vote, what they offer may not be what they deliver.

A politician can always rationalize anything and say they did a wonderful job, not matter how much other people call it a failure.

Millennials cheered when Joe Biden shut down the XL pipeline that was around 8 months away from completion. They laughed at the workers who lost their jobs. Now, a little over a year later, those millennials are finding it tough to fill their cars with gas. They can’t afford to buy an electric car, either.

What they didn’t realize is that the price of gas floats on the futures, so it has been steadily rising for the past year.

A war with Russia was not on millennials’ minds when they voted either. But that’s because they didn’t understand that democrats love to start wars. Of course, Biden isn’t claiming this as his war. The US government and NATO just provoked the bear until it was pushed into responding.

Now Ukraine’s Zelenskyy is being stage-managed masterfully, to get many people around the world to support them against Putin and Russia. Millennials don’t get it yet, but they will eventually. Hopefully not too many of them will travel to Ukraine, sucked in by the mainstream media and the propaganda machine.

millennials v politics Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Millennials v Politics. Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Alan Gray
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