Jim Acosta Out Of Control On Crappy News Network

Jim Acosta, the classless CNN loudmouth who thinks he’s a journalist was finally booted out of the White House. It has been a long time coming.

Acosta the Accoster finally wore out his welcome and abused his position one time too many. Sadly, other idiot reporters tried to follow his lead by abusing the president.

Acosta represents what has turned into a Crappy News Network, a network I used to like.

Thanks to Jim Acosta, young left-leaning journalists all over the world now think it is OK to abuse and embarrass anyone they disagree with.

They must have skipped ethics classes and the class where they should have learned not to become the story.

jim acosta booted from white house.
Acosta Booted From the White House.

Sadly, it isn’t only young journalists or only American journalists who have gone off the rails.

This week, the Australian national Broadcaster’s overrated and overpaid Virginia Trioli embarrassed a government minister in China. And, as might be expected, later in the week, when the Green party leader made a ridiculous statement about “runaway climate change,” reporters were silent. The ABC used to fact check politicians, but Di Natale hasn’t been on their radar since 2016, and can say what he likes.

It is little wonder that most media-related stories center on Fake News. It is because the mainstream media have collectively lost their minds.

Thankfully, we won’t be hearing Jim Acosta’s voice inside the White House now. Let’s hope CNN doesn’t send in an equally disrespectful loudmouth talking head to replace him. If they do, we can look forward to that one being booted too. Hopefully a lot faster than Acosta was drop-kicked out.

Michael Goodwin, writing at the New York Post said it well:

“The conduct of a handful of so-called reporters during President Trump’s news conference was disgraceful beyond measure. This is not journalism, this is narcissism.”

“Naturally, the boorish Jim Acosta of CNN was the instigator. As is his habit, Acosta doesn’t ask questions – he makes accusations and argues. Almost daily, he does it with the press secretary; Wednesday, he did it with the president.”

It is surprising Jim Acosta got away with his awful manners for so long. President Trump had been threatening to have him removed for more than a year. The fact that he wasn’t just made Acosta worse. Perhaps that’s the effect Donald Trump wanted, but it didn’t do anything good for CNN or those of us who listen to White House briefings.

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