FBI and DOJ Further Destroy Their Own Reputation

There is a lot of destruction going on in the area of “Rule of Law.” First, there are the FBI and DOJ, the three-letter agencies that appear to house so many politically-motivated agents that they might need to be registered as a PAC.

Next, there are the courts, and specifically the FISA court whose judges seem incapable of asking simple questions such as “Do you affirm that this evidence is true?” or “Do you affirm, under penalty of perjury, that you have presented all available exculpatory evidence?”

The courts, the FBI and the DOJ seem keen to reinforce the idea that there are two sets of laws. One set for the elites, and a much harsher set of laws for the plebs.

FBI Strzok idea #6427 to further destroy the FBI's reputation. NewsBlaze Cartoon.
FBI Strzok idea #6427 to further destroy the FBI’s reputation. NewsBlaze Cartoon.

It is now known that the FISA court ruled that the Obama-led government lied about its legal basis to spy on Carter Page.

So rather than strengthen the rule of law, Judge Boasberg strengthened the FBI’s elite status that gives it carte-blanche to skate on laws that are harshly applied to plebs.

Clinesmith, an officer of the court clearly altered documents to make it easy to get a surveillance warrant against a political opponent. For that crime, which led to a clear political hit-job and the waste of millions of dollars, Clinesmith gets probation.

Officer of the Court used to mean something serious and important.

Now, perhaps, not so much. #RuleOfLaw

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