Democrats Can’t Tell Kanye How To Vote

Kanye West has walked off the Democrat plantation. He’s gone rogue, democrats say. He’s crazy, and needs to be pitied, because he doesn’t understand what he’s really saying. Democrats just want to tell Kanye how to vote. But he’s not playing their game.

But Kanye knows exactly what he’s saying. He is a free man, and he’s tired of liberals telling him what to think, what to care about, what to say. He’s especially tired of listening to democrats telling how to vote.

As Zuby says, “Kanye has white liberals and the Democratic Agenda for black people totally figured out. That’s why they tried to ruin him last year.”

Kanye West - democrats can't tell me how to vote
Kanye West – democrats can’t tell me how to vote

Democrats have overplayed their hand one time too many. Black people are waking up. Hispanics are waking up. Sadly, huge numbers of white liberals are not waking up. They are still on the same path.

Democrats just want to tell Kanye how to vote. That’s because voting is all they care about. Voting and the power and wealth they get from it. Democrats don’t care about the people. Democrats are content to allow the Deep State to do whatever it wants to do.

In retrospect, it was easy to see with Obama. He said he would do big things. He talked a good game, but once he was elected, he did nothing. Instead, he played a lot of golf.He didn’t have the control he thought he would have.

Donald Trump is different. He is fighting against the Deep State, every step of the way, and they are fighting back.

Kanye is awake, and many others are now awake, seeing that the system is against them, and it is manipulating the politicians they thought would fight for them.

Will enough people wake up before the 2020 elections? The jury is out. But Kanye, Zuby, Larry Elder, Black Conservative Patriot, David Harris Jr., and many others are in the house, and they are taking back their freedom.

Alan Gray
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