Shalom Lamm on How A Helping Hand Goes A Long Way

When a person is given a helping hand at some point in their life, there is a remarkable change in their character. Shalom Lamm, an entrepreneur and real estate developer, has flourished in his works in large part due to his kind heart.

Giving is one of the most important exercises one can engage in. An act of kindness given to another might not ever be repaid. However, according to Shalom Lamm, the art of giving is much more than a surface-level interaction.

Shalom Lamm with homes
Shalom Lamm.

The point of giving should not be to expect something in return. On the contrary, that may very well defeat the purpose and the benevolent nature of the act itself. Lamm, according to Ambit Success, believes that giving is much more rooted in the endeavor of kindness and selflessness than personal gain.

Shalom Lamm has been a pillar in his community for decades. He has an impressive educational background, holding a degree from Yeshiva University and a masters of arts with honors from the American Military University.

During his time helping communities, he also made guest appearances at the National Convention of US Armed Forces Jewish Chaplains. With his extended knowledge, he was featured on The Public Broadcasting Service in regards to Jews and The Civil War.

While having accomplished all this on a commercial level, he has been a leading developer with over ten thousand apartments and grown multiple businesses with the help of his team. While he does this, he also is a board chairman at Camp Morasha, an outdoor summer camp for Jewish youth. He mentors immigrants in his hometown as a way to help them find their forever homes and give them advice about economic issues and housing markets.

Lastly, he is the CEO of a non-profit organization called Operation Benjamin. This organization reunites Jewish soldiers from World War II with their families at a proper burial under the Star of David.

As one can see, Shalom Lamm is a versatile and impressive individual with much to emulate about. His dedication to helping others shines through so much of what he does in his everyday life.

Even back in the 90s he produced a drive with his wife to help those in need in the Ukraine. The canned goods were collected and shipped to be dispersed among the Jewish communities there. His helping hand has successfully changed the lives of thousands if not tens of thousands of people’s lives, for the better. He is a certified volunteer and always finds ways to give his heart to something, according to his Personal Blog.

Shalom Lamm
Shalom Lamm.

Lamm is indebted to those that provided a helping hand in the form of mentorship and guidance throughout his professional and academic life. Much of this mentorship proved invaluable and even life-changing for him, in certain aspects of his professional life.

On an academic level, he was able to graduate with honors. Part of what drives his own giving and benevolence toward others is due to the mentorship and guidance he was on the receiving end during these years of his life.

Those who need assistance are also usually afraid to ask, according to Lamm. It is critical to not give some people the option of help. Those who reject help out of pridefulness oftentimes need it most. There will always be those people who are too prideful to give gratitude or love. Yet, they still get help out of a given situation which is all that matters to Lamm and those volunteers that work alongside him in his efforts to make the world a better place.

It is clear that everyone handles help in a different manner, which is understandable. However, there will be those few who are taken aback from the idea of help because of their egos. Lamm believes that the more a person is given love, kindness, and appreciation, the less the issue of pride will get in the way.

According to Space Coast Daily, Lamm has been a pioneer in his communities because he never gives up on people. Everyone grows up differently, but how one person treats another comes from the heart, not from the past. We can all learn much by emulating the philanthropic and communal involvement of those like Shalom Lamm.

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