How to edit t-shirt mockup PSDs: a 10-step guide

If you are looking for a way to learn how to create a great design, this article should help. We shall take you through easy step for editing a t-shirt mockup PSD.

Step 1: Pick your design

There are so many mockup designs and templates in the market today. You should start by checking out these mockups to find one that you think is fit for you.

How to edit t-shirt mockup PSDs: a 10-step guide 1

Well, this is an important step that you don’t want to take lightly. Your template will make all the difference for you. Go easy on this step but don’t be so picky because most of the available templates are great all the same.

Once you have chosen the design, click on the color folder to choose the t-shirt you want. Say a black ti-shirt is active.

Step 2: change the design

Find the layer design and double click on it. Following this procedure should be able to change the design automatically. If there is any dialogue box that pops up after this, just click ok and continue. Many of the templates have this basic design and are easy to follow.

The design layer will be opened as a separate design on the screen. This layer is important for getting inside the design.

Pick your desired design and add into the file. The sample design is always there to guide you through but you can hide it by clicking on the eye icon.

You are done with changing the design. Save the file and return to main mockup file.

Step 3: Change the t-shirt

After you have finished with design changing the design, you should change the design. If you think green is the best color for your design, then this is the best place to change.

Remember you had chose the black t-shirt, click on the eye icon. It will automatically hide the black one.

Now if you don’t like the position of the new design, you can still change. Simply double click on the deign layer to move it to a different space. The move tool should help you in dragging and moving.

Now that you have updated the position, you can change it to any other place you want. The design will stay inside the t-shirt all this while.

Step 4: Consider texture change

Now you want to change the texture from here. Simply click on the texture icon and click ok. The status of your current texture will appear. You can add a paper texture to try out and add an effect of your choice.

Now you need to filter and add blur. Once this is achieved, you will need to reduce the capacity of the layer by say 10%.

Save this texture and go back to the mockup where you started. You are done with the texture.

Step 5: Change the t-shirt one more time

You can choose another color this time; one that you think will fit the current design. Use the texture you have or click the eye icon to hide if you dislike it.

These are the basic steps for most easy mockups. Hopefully, you have received help from it.

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