Attracts 130,000 Unique Visitors Everyday is what you might call the Facebook of blogging. As one of the biggest blog directories on the web, this site gives Internet users the opportunity to post blogs of their own and promote them, connect with other bloggers socially and personally, learn more about blogging, search for blogs, and much more.

Like Facebook, also has groups of similar interests, in which bloggers have a chance to get involved in discussions with other bloggers on certain issues like entertainment, religion — even talking about problems of the world.

So far, has attracted 130,000 unique visitors every day, and those visitors deliver over 280,000 impressions. That is almost four million unique visitors and 8.4 million impressions per month.

Alan Gray, the editor of Newsblaze, has been a member of since April 2006. His recent activities have included posting of articles from Newsblaze such as a DVD review of American Zombie and “What is the Job of a Journalist?”

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