Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire Revealed

You could say that Mother Teresa is a modern-day heroine, but she is only human – and yet one woman who has made a difference despite economic crisis, political power struggles and war as well as personal turmoil that she has weathered. It has been thirty years since she won the Noble Peace Prize, as she has continued to be an international role model for Christians and non-Christians alike – a foundation for ordinary people to be extraordinary and humble when admitting their vices to God.

Mother Teresa stamp.
Mother Teresa

Now, her message will be revealed in author Joseph Langford’s new book, Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire. “I waited in silence for an answer” Langford states. “She looks up and said, ‘Yes, it is true’. Then after a pause, she added, ‘and one day you must tell the others’.”

The book starts with September 10, 1946, where Mother Teresa began to know God intimately, she couldn’t even describe it, and didn’t reveal this until 1984, when she asked her friend Father Langford to both her story and message to the entire world. Secret Fire will bring Christians and non-Christians alike out of their comfort, materialistic, and worldly zones and give them the opportunity to focus on the internal as well as the eternal – not on things below, but things above.

Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire

Though she died in 1997, the legacy and spirit of Mother Teresa hasn’t gone or been forgotten – for she is called the symbol of a human heart changed by the love of God, and a heart that changed lives for the better. That is what Secret Fire represents – that even a single act of kindness can change the world.

“Without my realizing it,” Langford said, “Mother Teresa had brought me to the end of a lifelong search, at a time when I wasn’t even aware I had been searching. I have seen with my own eyes how her message can touch, heal and change lives. My hope is that her message will transform the reader’s life, even as it already has for so many others.”