With Immigration Tensions at an All Time High, Does Majority of US Lack Empathy?

The United States, for the most part, is a wonderful country. It is a place where many come to escape the horrors of a world most of us can never imagine. It is a country where many are sheltered from the atrocities that other countries live with daily.

Because of that, I think it is fair to ask, does the majority of the US lack empathy.

We live in a country where the majority of us will never see the ravages of war. Most of us are completely detached from the true horrors that exist outside of our little bubbles. Most are living secure in the fact that during their lifetime, they will never have to know the suffering of living with the sounds of bombs going off around us regularly.

There is security in the knowledge that you won’t have to live with the nightmares of neighbors, friends, and family being gunned down, or blown up in a war you didn’t ask for. You will never know those horrors, because you are blessed enough to be born of some privilege that you did nothing to earn.

So why should only you be afforded the luxury of living a life free from explosives, suicide bombers, and gunfire?

What if there was the slightest possibility that you could end up in a position of your homeland becoming war torn, with little possibility of escape for you, for your children? What if you were left in a position of little hope, simply because you had the tragic misfortune of being born into it, or it was thrust upon you?

Most of you can’t imagine, will never be able to fathom these possibilities. You will choose to remain in your apathetic little bubbles, because you know it can never happen.

Just remember, nothing is absolute. Just because you believe something to be unimaginable, doesn’t make it so.


For the past two weeks, I have read comments, and posts, and watched interviews that make me wonder, “Does the majority of the US lack empathy.”

I have seen and heard much that makes me question the values we have as a whole. I believe it is something we all need to question. I have seen many people come together. Along with anger, I have seen compassion. I have also seen empathy.

I would like to believe that the majority does not lack this important trait. I also implore my fellow citizens to continue to band together to show other countries that the majority of us are not lacking empathy.