Senate Immigration Bill, Solution Or Lies, Fraud And Trickery?

The US Senate just passed S. 444, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Senate Democrats say this is real Immigration Reform, but others say the president and Democrats don’t understand what compromise means, and the Senate bill is nothing more than lies, fraud and trickery.

Today, three points of view, New York Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer, on the Senate Immigration Bill, Wayne Allyn Root on what real compromise would look like, and conservative, Dr Alan Bates, comments on weak Republicans and manipulative Democrats.

On Sunday, an unbylined story at the Huffington Post, reporting on a Fox News segment, said New York Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) predicted the House would pass the Senate’s immigration bill, even though House Speaker, John Boehner (R-Ohio), said they would not, and repeated his insistence that the house would pass its own reform bill.

Schumer Confident About Senate Bill

“By the end of this year, the House will pass the Senate bill,” Schumer said on Fox News Sunday. [HuffPo]

Schumer, who apparently knows Republicans better than Boehner does, thinks dissent amongst Boehner’s republican caucus “would leave him with little choice other than to work with Democrats and pass the Senate bill, especially with outside pressure coming down on him.”

The Congressional Budget Office report on the Senate Bill says

“by 2023, enacting S. 744 would lead to a net increase of 9.6 million in the total number of people residing in the United States, compared with the number of people projected under current law. The resulting increase in the number of legal residents would boost direct spending for federal benefit programs; direct spending for enforcement and other purposes would also rise. Under the act, federal revenues would be higher as well, mostly because of the larger size of the labor force. Finally, implementing the act would require an increase in discretionary funding (that is, funding subject to annual appropriation actions) for immigration-related activities.”

The Senate bill increases the number of new Visas for Temporary Workers, and significantly increases the annual cap on temporary H-1B visas for highly skilled workers. It also creates two new visa categories for temporary nonagricultural workers (W-1) and their dependents (W-2). Valid for three years, they would be renewable for multiple three-year terms. The W-1 visa also allows their spouses and children to come to the United States, and they too can work.

For Agricultural Workers, the current H-2A visa would disappear, replaced by two new visas, one for agricultural workers with a written contract (W-3) and one for agricultural workers with an offer of employment (W-4). They could not bring spouses and children with them.

Wayn Allyn Root’s Conservative Compromise On Immigration

Wayn Allyn Root, a Libertarian, who left the Republican party, but has now rejoined, (See NewsBlaze Washington Correspondent, Randy Foreman’s report) says Democrats don’t know what real compromise means. He lays out his conservative ideas, calling what Senate Democrats have done, “Lies Fraud and Trickery.”

Root’s solution to illegal immigration and border security which safeguards US citizens and US values, without falling into the trap of openly allowing ongoing illegal immigration.

Wayn Allyn Root’s ideas include:

  • The border must be secured first
  • Illegals must be identified and must work
  • They agree to no welfare – ever
  • They agree to no Obamacare
  • Birthright citizenship is stopped
  • They must learn English to be eligible for future citizenship
  • They go to the end of the line behind those waiting for legal citizenship
  • They can collect social security only after they pay taxes for years
  • Dr Alan Bates, writing at Gulf1 Blog, says “The Democrat Party, immersed in their Administration’s crimes and scandals and therefore at risk of losing the Senate in the midterm elections, is in a panic to retain their base through a 1200 page pork-laden immigration bill which is rife with lies, fraud and deceit.”

    Dr. Bates says “Some gullible Republicans such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham have bought the Democrat lies ‘hook, line and sinker’.”

    Dr. Bates says the massive immigration bill “would continue the path of destruction of our nation’s cultural identity and economy while ensuring little to enforce current border security laws.”

    “Democrats are all about winning elections by redistributing wealth from productive citizens and giving to those who are not,” Dr. Alan Bates

    The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act had its own flaws and loopholes, which ended up legalizing 3 million illegals, but at the same time made businesses wary of hiring foreigners. That caused businesses to hire people through subcontractors, effectively reducing their wages.

    The Senate bill has many flaws, not least of which is that it fails to secure the border, meaning that illegal immigration will not stop. The border security bill from 1986 was often not enforced, allowing the current 12 million illegals to be in the US.

    The last word to Dr Bates: “One must first face the fact that current and past Administrations (both parties) have refused to complete and enforce current federal border security laws and are therefore in violation of the rule of law.”

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