Wayne Allyn Root At The Heritage Foundation: Taking Down Capitalism

“It’s about sales.”

If you could state it simply, the message of author and former libertarian vice-Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root would be this.

And sell he did, in a presentation in Washington Tuesday at the Conservative Heritage Foundation about his new book The Ultimate Obama survival guide,” to the Think Tank’s weekly Bloggers luncheon. The book has since debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Finance best sellers list despite having limited media coverage because of events in Boston.

Root, a former Columbia University classmate of Barrack Obama and a Las Vegas odds maker, was motivated to write a book about what he perceives to be America’s deteriorating economic conditions “You guys inside the Beltway have no idea just how bad it is out there,” Root added.

To make his case about sanguine economic conditions he laid out several statistics, “in the last 90 days there have been 6,118 new rules and regulations” imposed on small business. “The fourth quarter was a nightmare.” “I don’t know how any small business in America survives,” he said. The net effect as Root observed was 90 million people are not working.

Determined to find a solution, Root studied both Detroit and Texas as extremities and then 18 of the richest men in America and what they are doing to handle the current administration. In looking at what worked poorly, Root commented “It’s a rumor that you can find a Republican walking the streets of Detroit.” He went on to offer that the city was in such bad shape that miles upon miles of its street lights were disappearing due to copper thefts.

Texas conversely, was taking the right public policy moves in Root’s view, due to the state’s ability to limit torts against small businesses. After noting the two political extremities, Root noted the solutions in the book came from interviews of 18 of the richest men in America and other celebrities. Nine of whom wished to participate anonymously and from which he says they are “18 great ideas.”

He was able to solicit the cooperation of the likes of Dr. Marc Faber, CNBC personality, Joe Sugarman founder of Blueblocker sunglasses, and Phil Gordon, host of Bravo’s celebrity Poker showdown all of whom laid out their strategies on how to survive what could be economic collapse.

In Root’s view, that could be so tragic one “could be cut off from the government for a month. I’m not one of those [survivalists] but people need to know,” and to that end, he solicits this advice of a former Special forces commander.

But beyond the book, Root’s main worldview was formed by his formative years at Columbia. “I knew everyone at Columbia. 80 to 90 percent of the students there were either Marxists Communists and liberals.” Many of those students were heavily influenced by the “Clovard and Piven strategy.”

The subversive strategy as Root describes it is: “the only way to take down capitalism is to quietly boil the frog” and to boil the frog in Root’s opinion, the system is being overloaded with debt and dependence. “That exact strategy is happening” according to Root.

In the midst of all that experience at Columbia, he reflects on his college years with alarm, having never seen the 44th President of the United States, ever, in a single lecture at the New York City University. He says that was “strange.”

Root currently lives in Las Vegas with his homeschooled children, who have been accepted to top notch universities. He grew up as conservative Jew in the New York City area. Although he is a conservative, he left the Republican Party in 2007. He is currently undetermined about running for the United States Senate in the State of Nevada.

Correction: Wayne Allyn Root says he has rejoined the GOP and he is enthusiastically running for the United States Senate.

Randy Foreman
Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.