‘Le Invasion’ More pressure on Britain to accept ‘Jungle’ immigrants

As the French authorities began clearing the Calais immigrant camp, also known as “The Jungle,” there were calls for Britain to provide homes for the “minors” who were living in the camp.

According to European laws, refugees should apply for protection in the first EU country that they reach, and in the case of the “Jungle” refugees, deported to the European country they first entered.

Many of those who were camped out in the Calais site had travelled through numerous European countries, but Britain is famous for its generous benefits and free housing, so naturally the majority of immigrants head for this country.

Since January of this year, 14,000 individual attempts to cross the channel illegally have been stopped, with more than 400,000 freight vehicles searched. There can be no doubt that many do manage to enter Britain (and receive benefit) and some estimate that the country has at least 2 million illegal immigrants (but it could be much higher).

Le Invasion

Just recently, Patricia Janet Scotland, Baroness Scotland (born in Dominica to Antiguan and Dominican parents) received a Pounds 5000 civil penalty for employing an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper, contrary to the UK Borders Act 2007 which she was instrumental in passing. However, Gordon Brown chose not to sack her, even though some of her colleagues thought she should go, and maybe this is another example of the “politically correct” rules we have been made to suffer with in this country? There is continued pressure being applied on Brown to treat Baroness Scotland as he would any other, so this is one more thing he may have to change his mind on.

The majority of the refugees in “The Jungle” are Kurds, but also include people from Somalia, Iran, Nigeria and Afghanistan. It is sadly ironic that British troops are being killed every week in Afghanistan (for the oil companies) and that just as many Afghans make it into Britain as do soldiers who die in their country. Whilst the British troops, who are lucky enough to survive their stay in Afghanistan, receive very little thanks or reward for their courage, the Afghan refugees can expect a free house, and more money than they have ever seen in their lives.

Whilst tighter border controls, in the countries that are allowing refugees to enter, would be a good idea, the best solution (from Britain’s point of view) would be to provide less generous benefits to these people and make sure that those who are not valid asylum seekers be sent back to their own country without delay. Why does Britain feel the need to encourage more than their fair share of immigrants with such generous payouts?

Unfortunately, none of the three main political parties are prepared to take a strong hand when it comes to immigration, instead they offer yet more concessions to our current immigrants and minorities, in order to buy their votes. In a short period of time these same people will no doubt have considerable political power in their own right. I wonder if they will be as generous to us, as we were to them?

The BNP (British National Party) are frequently criticized for their policies on immigration, but the truth is they are the only party that is willing to take serious action on this problem.

A growing number of people in Britain are accepting this fact, but are being bullied by short-sighted politicians and the media into feeling ashamed of wanting Britain to remain “British.” This does not mean an all white society, but a country that has control over who can enter (and stay), and the ability to retain the country’s culture and traditions.

With the General Election getting ever nearer, the voters must decide whether they want this awful situation to continue (and it will with Labour, Conservatives or Liberal Democrats), or take a deep breath and vote for a different party, with the certain knowledge that “it couldn’t be any worse.”

In the meantime, all the leading politicians are talking about making “cuts” in spending. These cutbacks are likely to be applied to Education and the National Health Service, but the saving we need (and more) could be obtained by simply stopping new immigrants from entering Britain and making sure that the existing immigrants really are of benefit to the country (by paying taxes or creating businesses that provide employment for ALL members of the population).

We should also try to encourage immigrants to adopt more of our traditions and culture, instead of changing our own to accommodate them (it is our country still, isn’t it?). Surely, to be truly accepted by the country you wish to adopt, it is essential to embrace its way of life. Many have successfully achieved this, but some are reluctant to make the effort.

There are many immigrants who have blended well into the British way of life and are without doubt of value to the country. But sadly there are many more who won’t follow this example and don’t even feel the need to learn our language, they instead insist that we supply a translator to help them with their benefit claims.

After more than 60 years we are again facing another invasion and another “Battle of Britain.” This time the battle will not be fought with guns and soldiers, but by politicians who have the commonsense and bravery to do what needs to be done. That of course excludes the politicians found in the main three parties.