What If We are Alone?

Late one evening I found myself perusing a familiar UFO forum based in the UK. Much of the material posted and discussed in threads is posed as evidence in competing bids for the two most common theories of the UFO and alien contact enigma, the ET (extraterrestrial) and ED (extra dimensional) concepts respectively. Besides reflecting a standard in public interest it promotes an idea gaining popularity from the paranormal side of the equation.

Inter-dimensional beings, rather than physical extraterrestrial space travelers, are proposed by astronomer and former NASA employee, Jacques Vallee in, Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact (pub.1987). In his book Vallee deconstructs contact and abduction experiences, correlating them with deconstructions of well known religious experiences (i.e. the miracle of Fatima) including a narrow grouping of bizarre or high strangeness cases of alien contact as far back as the 1940s.

This eventually leads to the postulate that contact, abduction, religious visions and most UFO craft sightings is an illusory abridgment of a human psyche conditioned by an unseen, inter-dimensional entity having no association with ETs or religious beings as we know them culturally.

This forum operates with a small group of (ED) zealots, who for the most part, permeate the subject matter with biblical verses of the paranormal prophet (Vallee) himself.

One of the members posted a thread, What if we are alone? In it, he asks if belief in ETs (physical, advanced extra solar beings and the saving grace of their technology) is merely a rationale to continue ravaging a limited environment. In asking myself this very question, I am somewhat guilty of a hopeful fantasy that there is a big brother out there, who having risen to a better position in the universe, can and will intervene in human affairs before the whole mess comes down in one of two fates, global ecological collapse or global nuclear war. Having once been a religious man, I still hold to the idea that humanity is good overall, nevertheless an endangered species by the consequence of its own doing.

What if humanity is incapable – or worse, unwilling to do what it takes to prevent ecological collapse or nuclear war? A painfully blatant object of innate mortal ineptitude, the premise for the existence of a savior in various terms. A Christ, an omnipotent creator, a supreme being or perhaps an advanced race who has overcome ills which still plague us. It is so difficult to estimate the prominence of the human will in creating and denying singular conceptions beyond the knowledge of common mortality.

However, what if all is true? Perhaps we have misinterpreted the existence of a collective order in the cosmos, in which beings exist on escalating levels of evolution from primitive to various states of immortality. Some civilizations rise within this strata’, others perish into extinction according to their lack of oversight. They destroy their environment through abuse, perhaps by war and simply vanish, melding into the womb of the planet’s crust from whence they came until their world is again ‘reborn’ in purity. It may be possible that ETs have been with us from ancient history, but only recently have we become aware enough, evolved mentally and conceptually, to view part of the truth of our larger environment.

It leads me to wonder if the human species (of Earth) is merely a state or a village within a hierarchy of overlords and that human sovereignty (individualism) is the arrogant illusion that keeps us from embracing the outer reality of our disposition. In effect, I am saying that we see ourselves as being dependent as an Earth bound collective, when in reality we are ever dependent upon (and subject to) allied civilizations with assets exponentially superior to that of any human cooperative.