UFO Compilation 2008 – A Must See For UFO Fans

A Look At UFO Related Articles In 2008

For those of you who are interested in articles regarding a “subject within the realm of ufology” I just know you are going to love the compilation provided by Alien Casebook.

They have gathered a collection of articles from 2008 that “represent all of the hard work put forth by various alien and UFO related websites and blogs within the UFO community as well as a portion of what mainstream media had to offer.”

Alien Casebook are constantly searching the internet (every day) for articles on UFOs, Aliens and all things paranormal, so there is very little (if anything) that they miss, making their site a “goldmine” of information.

I was very surprised (and honored) to find a couple of my stories appearing on their “worthy 2008 articles” list (“Proof that Aliens Exist” – September, and “Prophet Yahweh” – October).

As Newsblaze readers will recall, I wrote an article recently entitled “UFO and Alien Mystery Explored” which was an extract from my latest book called “The Unexplained Explored.” I hope to provide a follow up to this shortly. However, you can download a copy of the book now if you wish, which will include this information and much more.

The subject of UFOs has fascinated us for many years, but we are still waiting for absolute proof of their existence. We are getting closer and I believe the proof we are seeking is close at hand. It is quite likely that some already have this, but choose not to share this information with the public. If there is a “cover-up,” it can not remain a secret forever!

Will 2009 be more revealing? We shall have to wait and see.