Recent UFO Sightings in Birmingham UK

When writing articles about UFO’s I often invite people to share the sightings they have had, and I am pleased to say that there has been a good response to this request just lately.

Less than a week ago I was contacted by the Birmingham UFO Group, which I was very pleased about, because they are locally situated.

Dave Hodrien, Chairman of operations and investigations, kindly mentioned some of the things that the group are involved in and invited me to take a look at their website.

Recent UFO sightings in Birmingham

I have looked at many UFO sites over the years and I have to say that I was impressed with the Birmingham UFO Group set up. The information is presented in a very professional manner, including images where possible. I especially like the image they use on the main page of their site (when you visit their site you will know what I mean).

Initially, I have selected just a few of the sightings listed on their site, but would encourage you to click on the links to obtain the full details.

Hall Green – Disc & Boomerang Shaped UFO Sightings

This first sighting was made by Barrie, who is 64 years old and lives in Hall Green, Birmingham.

Barrie enjoys sitting in his back garden and star gazing, and has seen many unidentified lights. However, he has had “three highly impressive sightings of solid structured objects” and the most recent was December 27, 2009.

At 1.47am (27/12/2009), Barrie looked to the South down the garden. He noticed an object in the sky above and to the right of the neighbouring house. It appeared to be about the same height as the lowest clouds in the sky. As he watched, the object moved very rapidly in a curved trajectory towards him. It then came to a halt for a split second, before moving back in a curve the other way. It continued to perform these curved zigzagging maneuvers, each time stopping for a moment between them, approaching his position. Barrie was absolutely astounded by the movement pattern of the object.

As it got closer he could see it was a dull dark grey coloured disc, with a number of small semi-circular extensions equally spaced around its edge (click on the link to see a drawing of this). It had a smooth surface but did not appear to be reflecting the moonlight. It was hard to gauge the size of the object as there was no point of reference to compare it against.

The disc flew overhead, and Barrie got a clear view of the shape of it from underneath. It continued zigzagging on a Northerly course until he lost sight of it over the roof of his house… The movements the object was making clearly appeared regular and deliberate. The sighting lasted for about 3 minutes.

Butcher Family UFO Sightings & Paranormal Activity Report

The following sighting involves the Butcher family who live on Coventry Road, just at the edge of Sheldon.

“The family has experienced not only a number of interesting UFO sightings, but has also experienced a lot of unexplained activity in their homes.”

I was very interested in the “healing” capabilities that Ken Butcher seemed to acquire and hope to write a separate article on this later.

The information on the Butcher family sightings are quite lengthy and thought it would be better if you click on the link to read this information. I am sure you will find it interesting.

Belbroughton – Black Flying Triangle Sighting

“Occasionally at BUFOG we receive details of a sighting which fit in with many other previously reported incidents. Over the last couple of decades there have been many sightings of black triangular shaped craft with glowing lights on their underside, from many countries around the world. These craft are sometimes extremely large in size and have been seen to perform incredible manoeuvres and move at tremendous speed, as well as hover silently. There have even been sightings of these craft emerging from or entering the sea and moving around underwater. Some people theorise that they are some kind of secret military craft which has not yet been publically revealed. However many others, including myself, believe them to be of extraterrestrial origin as they appear to display very advanced characteristics far ahead of our current known technology. It also seems unlikely that if they were of military origin they would continue to be flown in plain sight of the public. On the evening of Sunday 8th November 2009, witness Ian was lucky enough to see something which may well have been one of these craft.” – Dave Hodrien

It was 7.30pm and Ian was driving back home to Stourbridge with his two sons, after visiting his parents in Birmingham. He left the M5 motorway at Junction 4 and was driving along Sandy Lane (the A491), close to the village of Belbroughton. It was a cold and damp evening, and there had been a light drizzle which had now ceased. Due to the time of year the light had long since faded in the sky. There was partial cloud cover but Ian could make out faint stars in the distance.

As he approached a mini roundabout which leads onto Stourbridge Road, he checked to the right for traffic, looking to the North North East. As he did so he noticed what appeared to be three bright white stationary lights in the sky. The lights appeared to be at quite low altitude, Ian estimates about 150-200 feet high. He believes they were about 200 yards from his position out over the fields which run alongside the road.

He continued to drive around the roundabout onto Stourbridge Road. He then looked back at the lights. He could now see that the lights appeared to be at the corners of one large triangular-shaped object. He estimates it was at least the size of a Boeing 747. The object was no longer stationary and appeared to be banking towards him. As it did so he saw a pulsing deep red coloured light at its centre, equally spaced between the three white lights. Ian says this central light looked unusual, it appeared larger than the other lights and was permanently illuminated but constantly pulsing in brightness.

Byng Family UFO Sightings & Photographs

“Some people never get to see what they can describe as a UFO their entire life. Many others have one, maybe two, sightings of something unusual that they remember for many years. However this report covers fourteen UFO incidents that have been witnessed by Kevin and Vera Byng, and their nephew Michael. With many of these incidents other witnesses have also been present.” – Dave Hodrien

Once again, because of the amount of information available on this report, we would suggest clicking on the link to view the full story. The following is an extract from the article:

Early on the morning of Friday 9th October 2009, Michael was awoken by some very unusual sounds. The noises sounded like a jet engine starting up, accompanied with other strange creaking and bangs. As he listened they seemed to randomly change in volume, so would occasionally die down before becoming loud again, although never to the point that he could not hear them at all…

… He was absolutely astounded by what he saw. The object was a “classic” curved saucer shape and metallic dark grey in colour, and he was immediately convinced that he was looking at a craft of some kind. On the top of the object was a rectangular shaped protrusion, and on this upper section was a white rotating light. It was rotating roughly every few seconds in an anti-clockwise direction. There was no visible beam coming out from it but it reminded Michael of a lighthouse. As it was rotating the light would alternately become dim then bright again. This was the only light visible on the object, but up until this point the white light had appeared a constant brightness, which is a puzzling aspect of the sighting. Michael estimates the object was at least 50 feet wide if it was as far away as it appeared to be.

My thanks to BUFOG for this information, I hope to bring you more in the very near future.