Extraterrestrial Abduction – Fact or Fantasy?

By Tracy E.Tomlinson, [email protected]

The subject of the so-called alien abduction and hybrid scenario is in one sense an exercise in absurdity and derision. It challenges nearly every acceptable precept of material reality and critical thinking, and may be deemed as merely a constituent part of the paranormal fringe. It has even taken form in the new age religion of cults. In matters of fact, most of the population is either ambivalent or dismissive of the entire affair.

Unfortunately, for those interested in the potential of extraterrestrial visitation most of what is found in the media is broadly disconnected, documented, processed and analyzed outside of mainstream science due to cultural and ethical restraints within the human paradigm of standard scientific reckoning.

Still there are startling individual and multiple witness events that have become too large for the standard refutes of respectable science. Events based not only on corroborating witness account and physical evidence, but aggregation within the complexities of human awareness.

Are these the result of powerful visionary forces attempting to deconstruct human society from behind a veil of deception, as scientists Dr. Vallee and Dr. Hynek purport in their collaborative efforts or are they manifestations of intelligence with concurrent physical realities adjacent to our own?

One of the most titillating multiple witness events occurred in 1977 around the island of Colares, Brazil. For weeks, there was intense UFO activity on and around the island, witnessed by many of the two thousand inhabitants. Men and women were assaulted by intense shafts of light from large hovering craft, causing severe blood loss, bruising and even several deaths from collateral effects. A nurse working in a local clinic who treated dozens of the patients called the military on several occasions throughout this time asking for assistance.

At one point, according to her own words, she was connected with a high ranking officer who plainly ordered her to tell the people that this was an illusion and not to worry. This conversation occurred while the Brazilian military was consulting with US intelligence. Subsequent investigations by the Brazilian military have reported nothing significant regarding this and similar events occurring in Brazil during the UFO flap and remains classified.

Another relevant multiple witness event would be the Allagash Waterway abduction, in which four men (three of them brothers) recalled the details of what would be classified as a mass-abduction scenario while camping in the remote highlands of Main (1976). Although the brothers had no initial recall of the abduction incident during their trip, there was a sense of missing time. It was several years and many nightmares thereafter which brought about a casual discussion at a family picnic escalating to revelations and regressive sessions. This resulted in the documentation of a mass abduction in a subterranean laboratory conducted by Grays.

The claims of Mr. Jim Sparks (The Keepers), who related unusual details of his alleged relationship with Grays over more than fifteen years revealed new aspects of a possible agenda in the engineering of a subliminal social movement, designed to overt a global ecological collapse.

Other situations, involving individual men and women claiming to have been abducted and forced as participants in hybrid programs, are considered less dependable. Many opponents of individual accounts claim that it is the act of regression or the process of hypnotherapy which feeds the scenario with information rather than extracting it. Individual experiencers are also at the mercy of critics, who see them as convenient, isolated targets of rational thinking elements bent on invalidating the whole phenomena one casualty at a time.

Supportive investigators will argue that there is strong circumstantial evidence and that government intelligence agencies are responsible for keeping the hard evidence from public scrutiny.

Engulfed in the fog of disinformation and contention is the derivative experiencer, victimized by a paranoid government, obscured by cultural stigma and shunned by an indifferent scientific community.

As a writer, my intrigue is always captured by things profoundly incalculable, as well as things painfully obvious. For those who consider themselves believers or skeptics, collectively see themselves as serving human interests. The following example may act as a moral judge, to either free the inner most being of compassion or entrench the alter-ego with disparaging realism.

Susan Taylor is a 43 year old social worker living in a small Illinois town. She was born and adopted in California by Tony and Barbara Taylor and raised in a sparsely populated rural area. Susan has never been married, nor has she ever been pregnant or has given birth. Her personal experience was recently described in a series of interviews but has not been published until now.

In late September, 1996, she awoke at around 11am, sat up in her bed and immediately began a vivid recall of something very bizarre which had occurred that night. She remembered sitting in an upright position in her bed and seeing five uninvited entities standing in her dining room, a few feet from her bedroom door. Once they were in her bedroom she saw that there were two beings on either side of the bed that were light grayish, with large black lifeless eyes and bulbous heads attached to average height slender bodies. Known as the tall Grays, they wore no clothes and their skin appeared smooth and rubbery.

In the center of the room, at the foot of her bed, there was a fifth human-looking being wearing a suit, with white skin, dark hair combed to one side. She focused on him at first, admiring his physical attractiveness. Susan wondered if this was a dream or if these were aliens in her room? She received an astounding ‘yes’ telepathically, ‘yes, we are aliens’.

At this point she began to have mental impressions and feelings about telepathic communications between the beings. She could not only ask questions and receive answers from them without speech, but realized that she was perceptive to all communicating thoughts and moods transpiring within the group. She sensed that one of the Grays did not like her. That he was repulsed by humans, and that he forced himself to put up with humans due to the critical nature of the mission and work.

During her live interview, Susan mentioned the impression that humans were a tool of the Grays in some manor, but could not recall the implications of her feeling.

She felt somehow familiar with all of these beings, as if she had had some ongoing relationship with them.

Susan sensed that the group was amused and surprised that she was conscious and able to interact socially. She recognized one of the Grays as being the friendly one. While the others were mostly indifferent or repugnant this one cared. She asked him how he was able to levitate and move things like furniture in her room. He approached the side of her bed and illustrated the technique by extending his arm with fingers pointing toward an object and then separating the four fingers leaving a gap in the middle. His hand had four long fingers without a thumb or finger nails.

As he demonstrated this in front of her, Susan reached out and touched his fingers. Startled, he pulled back the hand and stepped away. His skin felt smooth, cool and like something made of rubber. She emulated the positioning and motion of his fingers toward an object but it didn’t move and sensed that they found this quite humorous.

The mean Gray then began scolding the other. He was saying how improper it was to interact with human subjects in such a manor. The four Grays continued to debate this point from opposing views and the human appearing being stepped in to calm and mediate the situation. During the disagreement, the mean one was the object of scorn by others as he shrugged his shoulders and threw up his hands in acquiescence.

At this point, the human alien stated that it was time to leave. They backed into a line with the human in the center, two Grays on either side of him, and then a bright, white light entered the room through the ceiling while the beings vanished in its brilliance. Susan remembered running to the front door to see the ship leave but saw and heard nothing. Her last remembrance was returning to bed and going to sleep.

Susan Taylor renders this story as the result of conscious memory without the assistance of regressive hypnosis. It doesn’t end with her vivid recall. It becomes a ten year struggle with serious health issues, which may be connected with her alien contacts. She has had severe reproductive health issues that could have ended her life. Ten years after her visitation memory she began to experience profuse bleeding and fainting spells followed by brief hospital stays.

In 2006 she was examined by three gynecologists and endured a battery of tests and examinations, none of which determined the origin or cause of uncontrollable bleeding. All three doctors asked her how many children she had had. Though Susan had never bore a child or recalled being pregnant, all the doctors who examined her said that enlargement and scarring of the uterus were signs of multiple births or abortions. Within a year of her symptoms Susan had an oblation procedure and hormone treatments to stop the bleeding. This problem persisted and actually became more acute, leading to the hysterectomy in October, 2007.

She believes that her visitors have been in the bedroom late at night on several occasions since her first memory thirteen years ago, but does not recall anything specific. It’s just a feeling.

Susan Taylor wants the world to know that her experience was real. It was real from the entire spectrum of human perception. And not, as some would have us believe, a clever illusion based in the mystique of a modern psycho-spiritual anomaly or vision.

There are perhaps thousands of women, if not millions worldwide, who have had such experiences for generations.

Statistically about one third of the abductees examined have recall without hypnotherapy. If regressive techniques or the amateurs applying them are to blame for false memories, then what are we to make of cases like Susan’s, which come without coercive measures?

It has taken Susan years to accept her memory of what happened as a real experience. For fear of ridicule, she kept her secret for more than a decade. It has been only since her physical difficulties that the search for answers led her to discover the connection between the signs of multiple births and the hybrid enigma.

She has discussed her story with those who understand and feels ready to take the next step into hypnotherapy. She also hopes to meet other women, who like her must have the trust and support of those who can relate.

Susan has asked that the following statement be released with her story, as a personal message to those who may doubt the validity of such experiences. Why? Because this is about more than just contact with unearthly beings. Until the culture of secrecy is abated and mainstream science is permitted to address this situation with the right approach, people will continue to fall victim to extraterrestrial manipulation and government silence.

“From the time I first awoke on that September morning of 1996, I knew that my memory was real. Regardless of what some might say about this, a person does know the difference between a dream and something real that has happened. Although, I must admit that I wanted it to be a dream that would go away. Why should I care whether others believe me or not? Because thoughts from one of the Grays made it known to me that they are not friends of the human race. They aren’t here in any friendly capacity. They want something from us and have little regard for human welfare”.