A Fascinating Model of History From An Astrological Perspective

Those who follow mundane astrology can confirm that history does, indeed, repeat itself. Over the past thirty years, Robert FitzGerald’s in-depth research has revealed amazingly detailed correlations between the history of human evolution on our planet and the astrological ages.

By examining the smaller ‘cycles within cycles’ contained in each 2160-year age, he has discovered a fascinating model of history from an astrological perspective.

An article on this subject, Astrological ages as an accurate and effective model of history, published in the September issue of the Astrological Journal is condensed from his findings collected during this in-depth study. The findings are published in his book, Signs of the Times: the End of the World and the Coming Golden Age. It demonstrates that history itself confirms the accuracy of astrology. This model also offers insight into our current times, as well as possibilities for our short- and long-term future.

Ages, Eras, and Phases

Mr. FitzGerald has discovered cycles within cycles, which he broke down into different segments of time-AGES, ERAS, and PHASES. An age is 2,160 years long. The twelve eras of each age are 180 years long, and the twelve phases of an era are 15 years in duration. The shorter cycles add depth and evolutionary growth to the larger cycles.

The Age of Cancer immediately stands out as an example. The Neolithic Revolution, 9000 to 6000 BC, was a revolution in food production with the invention of agriculture and the creation of permanent settled communities. It perfectly covered the entire Age of Cancer, 8640 to 6480 BC. It is no accident that the astrological sign of Cancer rules house building, community, and agriculture.

“My in-depth study of historical events since the Age of Cancer revealed a repeating pattern. Each age is preceded by a build-up period or birthing process for the actual age. Approximately 900 to 720 years prior to the end of the age, during the Scorpio Era, a transition occurs that brings to the fore historical developments that lead us into the following age. In the Scorpio Era of any age, there is a cycle of death and rebirth.

According to astrology, Scorpio rules power, control, death, and rebirth. Most of the power inherent in the institutions and beliefs found in that age die, and seeds are planted that bring forth new discoveries and perceptions that are grounded in the succeeding age. Following the Scorpio Era, the sign Sagittarius blossoms into a dynamically emerging new vision. Sagittarius is a fire sign, which gives to these times the brilliant quality of cultural golden ages. These are periods of Renaissance, as Sagittarius rules vision and exploration. It ‘sees’ the impulse of the next age and makes it come alive in a rebirth of culture.”

This model of history proves that since 9000 BC, the five ages from Cancer to Pisces reveal a highly accurate and in-depth connection between astrological cycles and history. Within each age there exists a powerful cycle of astrological eras, which allow for the growth and evolution of humanity and history on a smaller scale. These eras reveal amazing parallels, with the recurring renaissance classical scientific high point being the most astounding of them.

The last 200 years, the Industrial Revolution and the Twentieth Century, have been the result of the Aquarius Era of our present age. On an even smaller scale, the phases reveal an astrological evolution for each era. The beauty of these cycles, especially the smaller eras and phases, is that they give us a deeper understanding of history and therefore of human interaction. They embrace and give insight into the complex times that we currently live in, and they allow us the potential actually to prophesize historical trends and possible approaches to what lies ahead.

End-Time Cycle

In addition, there is an end-time cycle embedded in the cycle of ages, one that has amazingly powerful Biblical implications. This is dealt with in a second article for the Astrological Journal, entitled THE ASTROLOGICAL END-TIME CYCLE: WHAT IT MEANS FOR US TODAY, due out in the near future.

Right now we are on the cusp of a transition into the Gemini Phase, 2010 to 2025. The Age of Pisces runs from 0BC to 2160. We are in the smaller Pisces Era of this age, 1980 to 2160. We are at the VERY end of the Taurus Phase of this era, 1995 to 2010. Pisces rules dissolution, while the Virgo, opposite energy to Pisces, rules disintegration and extinction. The current Great Recession has been a perfect response to the economic nature of the Taurus Phase within the dissolution of the larger Pisces time periods. We are now entering the Gemini Phase, and have already been experiencing some of the Gemini qualities for a few years now, as a lead-in to this new period.

One quality of Gemini promises to make this a very divisive period, with argumentative vitriol marking basic and potentially destructive divisions both within society and between cultures that will likely push people farther apart. A major example of this process can be seen in the history leading up to our Civil War. The rise of the slavery question during the Gemini Phase of the last Era, 1830 to 1845, divided America into pro- and anti-slavery camps.

The following Cancer Phase, ruling land and boundaries, supported the Missouri Compromise as a way to bring more states into the Union and keep the peace between these camps. When the Leo Phase arrived in 1860, ruling the ego and the love of war and fighting, the South essentially said, the heck with this, and declared their independence, thereby touching off the Civil War.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, there is a dynamic story here that can touch the hearts and minds of many millions of people looking for meaning in our modern world. This work raises a lot of very interesting questions. It could be the story of the century. To read the article, see the author’s website: http://www.signsofthetimeshistory.com.

Robert FitzGerald is an artist, photographer, and astrologer. For more than thirty years he has been working with astrological ages as a new and revolutionary model of history. His work reveals a profoundly accurate vision of history based on the ancient cycles of astrology. His discovery promises to change the way humanity looks at history and at the world around us. He grew up in California, and now lives and works in Fairfield, IA.

By examining the smaller ‘cycles within cycles’ contained in each 2160-year age, he has discovered a fascinating model of history from an astrological perspective.