Mega TV’s Show ‘Maria Elvira Live’ Offers Exclusive Look At Pablo Ibar

– Hear the Story of One Hispanic Man on Death Row…If he is guilty he deserves the death penalty, but what if he is not? –

Spanish Broadcasting System (NASDAQ: SBSA) (“SBS”) announced today that the next episode of “Maria Elvira Live” will focus on the well-known case of Pablo Ibar, who is currently on death row for a crime that he has fervently denied committing. For the first time, Ibar will share his story exclusively on camera with host Maria Elvira Salazar Thursday, March 5th at 8:00 P.M. (EST) 5:00 P.M (PT) on Mega TV different stations.

Pablo Ibar is a Florida-born Cuban American who is accused of killing three individuals in 1994. Ibar was convicted of the crime based on video surveillance that shows raw images of the killer. He was sentenced to death. Ibar has been in jail for over 16 years, and has denied any role in the killings. He also believes that he was improperly represented at his trial because his first attorney could not perform his duties in representing him due to an alcohol problem. Now, Ibar’s family is working hard to collect money to hire a new attorney for his final hearing on March 16th where a judge will decide whether to reopen his file or maintain his death penalty sentence.

On this very special episode, Maria Elvira Salazar will offer viewers an up close and personal look at all aspects of Ibar’s complex case, from the initial incident in 1994 leading all the way up to Ibar’s final hearing in a few weeks. In an unbiased fashion, Maria will delve into all details of his conviction and let viewers decide whether or not Ibar is guilty.

Maria Elvira Salazar
Maria Elvira Salazar

Don’t miss the next episode of “Maria Elvira Live” and a chance to hear Pablo Ibar tell his side of the story in person on March 5th at 8:00 P.M. on Mega TV channel 22, Channel 32 in Las Vegas and Mega 57 in West Palm Beach and at 9 PM in WSJU Channel 30 and Channel 169 in Puerto Rico and on direct Mas Channel 405 in the rest of the country.

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