Artist Sculptor Leonardo Pereznieto: Poetry for The Eyes

When there’s No Need for Words

If we strive for perfection, dream of beauty sensual and alive, of a moment frozen in time when understanding brings a smile to the face as words melt away, then witness the art of Leonardo Pereznieto.

Powerful, sometimes subtle emotions, Leo’s images strike sparks into the imagination, and wonder leaves us yearning to see more. Beautiful things we are or wish to become, freedom in bronze, crystal, silver and oil paint, you may rise lightly, ready to soar to the heavens or see your thoughts brushed onto canvas, the mind’s delight in form or motion, innocent and passionate. That is Art.

On the Way to Heaven

“Stranded, cast away,

Only a short wait,

Until you gather me up,

And bring me home.”

Comment: David Pambianchi

For his sculpture, “Leonardo Pereznieto has been awarded the gold medal at the Italy Award for Visual Arts, an award at the International Art Festival in NYC and the Mozart Prize for the Arts in Nice, France, amongst others.”

Contemplative or playful, to move the heart or stir the spirit, Leonardo’s work is simply exquisite. Spinning coins, running water or shifting sands, many of his interactive sculptures can be changed with your mood.

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(Hopeful not to break the spell, photo captions are but one writer’s reflection.)

Celebrity Centre Exhibit

April 14th-24th, 2011

65E. 82nd Street

New York, NY

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Leonardo Pereznieto
The Scream
Passion for Life

“I open myself, to be my self

To let out joy, let in living,

Without my mask, without shame

How it feels, to be free.”

Will Forever Love You

“Here we start,

And like this stay,

Soul and heart,

Always this way.”

Young Harmony
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