The Best of American Bandstand: April 28, 1984

From Newsblaze, it is The Best of American Bandstand.

Our special guests today are Bon Jovi, Mr. Mister, and Rick Springfield in the Video Showcase, so let’s get things started with a band from New Jersey. With future songs such as “Living on a Prayer”, “You Give Love a Bad Name”, and “Bad Medicine”, they remain in touch with their roots while still maintaining their status as one of the most prolific bands in rock music after over 25 years. Ladies and gentleman, Bon Jovi!

Mr. Mister made their debut on American Bandstand performing the song “Hunters of the Night” from their debut album I Wear the Face. But it wasn’t until 1985’s Welcome to the Real World that led the band into stardom: selling ten million copies and scoring a trio of Top 10 hits that included the #1 hits “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie”. Their next album Go On (1987) failed to capitalize on that success, and the band broke up two years later.

Since then, all of the members have gone on to do solo projects and worked with other artists such as Madonna and Rod Stewart. However, an email from lead singer Richard Page after a recent podcast interview with Inside MusiCast has stated that the band is currently in talks with RCA Records to release their long-awaited fourth album The Pull, which has been shelved since 1989.

Women of all ages have wished to be the girl of this Grammy-winning artist, but he only wished to have “Jessie’s Girl”. He makes house calls as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, and since then racked up four platinum albums — including over a dozen of Top 40 hits such as the one shown here in the Video Showcase. From his 1984 film Hard to Hold, here’s Rick Springfield with his Top 10 hit telling us to “Love Somebody”:

Well, that’s all the time we have here, but we’d like to thank Bon Jovi and Mr. Mister for joining us. Next week, don’t miss Christine McVie and Wire Train, and in the Video Showcase we have The Cars. We’ll see you next time on American Bandstand.

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