Sean Jones Performing at ‘Sway Presents Black History Forever’

CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): It has been a busy month for Sean Jones, who’s currently in the middle of pre-production on his first, full-length album that is going in a “completely new direction”. Whereas the first record was a “warm-up” — more soulful and R&B in the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Usher, this upcoming record will be in the field of Coldplay.

According to Sean, singles of the soon-to-be proposed Electric Red are set to be released later this spring, and the album may come out later this year.

“That particular title keeps sticking out in my head” he states. “This time, I really get a chance to experiment. I really had an message with my old group. I was afraid of alienating.

“The second album will be more pop-rock radio friendly. You’ll be able to hear from my voice” said the singer-songwriter. “This will be the real test. They’re bigger, better; I wrote all of them. They’re much better songs. Once they produce properly, it’ll be good. It’s the time right now to make that happen.”

Besides music, Sean will make his big screen debut in the feature film Sons 2 The Grave, being shot in Toronto in March. We have no doubt that Sean will rise up in the likes of Will Smith and Usher and go from successful singer to leading man.

In the meantime, Sean has been performing in Canada to raise money for Haiti. He will be celebrating Black History Month with a special performance at Eva’s Initiatives, a charity that he supports. Next Thursday, Sean will be performing at “Sway Presents Black History Forever” that takes place inside the WIDEawake Liberty Studios with a $20 cover fee (includes your subscription to Sway Magazine and partial proceeds going to the support of Haiti).

Whether it’s Canadian or American, Sean continued, Black History Month is Black History Month — and that includes President Barack Obama.

“People are coming down hard on him” Sean went on. “He’s having to clean up one of the worst messes in American history. It’s not going to happen in a year. It took eight years of Bush to get where you are now. It’s going to take time.

“People are in such despair. They’re losing their jobs; they’re losing their homes left and right. When you’re down and out, they’re looking at him as the Messiah. They’re looking for hope. It can’t happen right now.”


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