Part 2 of Living In the Material World Emphasizes George’s ‘Inner Life!’

Isn’t it a pity, Isn’t it a shame. How we break each other’s hearts, and cause each other pain. How we take each other’s love, Without thinking anymore. Forgetting to give back. Isn’t it a pity? George Harrison

george and olivia

The internal meditative life is defined by All Things Must Pass, and is nicely realized in the generosity and brotherly kinship of the Concert for Bangladesh, of which I’m a proud owner of. Eric Clapton explains the touchy situation of his love for Patty Boyd, George’s first wife, and how George took a good natured, ho-hum, stoical stance on the situation, and went on his merry way, eventually finding Olivia, who is equally as lovely as Patty.

george all things must pass

Harrison’s life-long interest in gardening is a fresh whiff of clean air; the 120-room Friar Park had lovely grounds with ample flower gardens nicely attended to by the Quiet Beatle. I do remember The Beatles final photo shoot was done at Frank Crisp’s palace. Odd dwarves and GH with hair down to his mid-back on the All Things Must Pass album cover is my main memory. One would hope Olivia will leave the place intact, unless the deed is already done.

george harrison antique

Part 2 is tempered by much tragedy – George reacting to John’s death, the horrifying home invasion in 1999 (something so scary to me, I’ve tried hard to put it out of my mind), and then finally, George’s own fight with cancer which in the end, killed him too.

Lots of negativity to deal with here, but George took it with a grain of salt knowing that the spiritual life is his real life. I learn from him.

Moreover, the extent to which Harrison embraced the Hare Krishna Movement is elaborated on in the film. The Hare Krishna Mantra, produced by George on Apple Records, did respectfully on the charts, an interesting bit of trivia to me. But I keep going back to the music; so many great songs written by this Beatle that we can play over and over again, and still gain more to prepare ourselves for the next life. Hope to meet with the Quiet Beatle then, and who knows, maybe I’ll see Brian and John too.

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