New Artist DiLee/DiaLee Smashes Records

Prolific Singer and Media Artist DiLee/DiaLee has been globally recognized as a top performer out of over 3.3 Million Artists on Reverbnation. This esteemed ranking #1 globally for Spiritual genre, #7 for all genres in Los Angeles, and #36 for all genres respectively. Her eloquent style has led to her chart topping hits, as well as being held in high regard among her fellow artists.

Many listeners and followers say she has the “it” factor that has led to the big impression felt from her interpretation of a Beatles song with a twist “And I Love Him5.” Songs like this are classics, so when an artist puts their spin on it and gets praised it’s a huge accomplishment.

During her recent performance at the House of Blues the manager was quoted as saying, “It was the best turnout we’ve had for a 7pm show in a very long time! She was amazing!” The show turned out really well and DiLee/DiaLee was deeply touched. She treated this as a once in a lifetime experience by saying, “More important than the tables being full, the most rewarding aspect to me was the joy in all my friends faces and the love that filled the room.”

DiLee/DiaLee wears many hats in the entertainment business to make sure her message can be heard and analyzed in a variety of conversations. She holds the title as co-creator/co-writer/producer/actress for new docu-series for Television and as a producer/ actress on more than one film for 2015. More details will be released once they become available.

dia lee

She will be releasing her 2nd spoken word album and some new music which will also be submitted and considered for the 58th and/or 59th Grammy Awards depending on the release date. She is laying claim to a true creative artist by being a firm believer in the theory that music cannot be rushed or it will be nothing more than mediocre.

DiaLee is a media artist in Los Angeles, California. She has a strong sense of culture and heritage. This comes from being a half Chinese, and half Italian, American.

Music is one of her many creative facets with the object of positivity in bringing our essence together to transcend all cultural & national borders in the celebration of this beautiful thing called life, that we all share together around the world.

To DiaLee, being a positive role model is a responsibility she takes seriously. Part of that responsibility is admitting you are human and touching peoples’ lives. DiaLee stands for goodness, equality, love, and describes herself as a soft warrior. Being a soft warrior to her means she can show compassion and love, but also is able to stand up and fight for what she believes in.