Natasha Waterman’s ‘Long Road’ CD Review

CANADA (Sasha Stotlz Publicity): Last week, my mother and I spent the day doing a little bit of Christmas shopping for my sister, her husband, and friends. When I put in Natasha Waterman’s Long Road in her car to pass the time, both of us were on the same tune.

Long Road is the debut album from Waterman, who is best known as a songwriter for several of Canada’s biggest stars in music, and this CD may gave the breakthrough she needs as a solo artist. The tracks definitely have an Earth-like, soulful as well as jazzy feel. With a smooth and cool voice, Natasha Waterman may sound like Lauryn Hill and India, however, her style is her own.

The title Long Road could be define in two ways: Natasha Waterman’s journey into the studio to make this album, and the 10 slow yet sensitive tracks that deals with affairs of the heart in more ways than one — breaking down the glamour and the romanticism of it, especially where Tiger Woods is concerned.

You can get the album ($8.99) online at, and know more about Natasha Waterman at these sites down below:

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