Music of Si Astbury and Band Urban Souls Aired on Hamilton Radio

Hamilton Radio, out of New Jersey, aired the music of band Urban Souls. The band is out of England.


One of the band’s members is singer/songwriter Si Astbury. It is Astbury who contacted NewsBlaze about this recent success!

The show is beamed over the internet at


Urban Souls

Urban Souls’ six band members are from UK’s Midlands.

The band members include Si Astbury, April Davies, Graham Parkes, Geoff Caruthers, Matthew Linney and Craig Henshaw. They are supported by Keith Mawbey and Dean Gaunt.

“Our music is based on what is happening today and about where everyone lives.

It’s all about our communities, towns, cities, the world!” – Si Astbury


For updated information on “all things Urban Souls” keep an eye open on Facebook’s Entertainment World of Si Astbury.

“Thanks goes out to Urban Souls’ fans, Urbanites.

It is our fans who are hugely responsible for launching the band into big time and getting our sound introduced to the world!” – Urban Souls


Si Astbury’s website:

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