Mickey Hart: Rhythm and Pulse of New Mirage Volcano

Grammy award-winner, Mickey Hart, the drummer for The Grateful Dead, is developing some unique beats and tones for the soundtrack that will be used as the music behind the lava-laden explosions of the volcano outside the Mirage Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Mirage volcano attraction in a 5 million renovation.
Mirage’s volcano attraction is being recreated in a $25 million renovation.

It was announced recently that the Mirage plans to spend mega-millions on an upgrade and renovation of the attraction created by mogul Steve Wynn, which will be re-opened in December with an all-new picturesque, visual performance with light, sound and action. Millions of visitors have walked by or driven past the Mirage just to see the flames shooting high and the mock-volcanic explosions in one of the city’s most unusual attractions.

Hart was probably selected because of his command of rhythmic drumbeats and the successful soundtracks he has created, such as in “Apocalypse Now.” He is the co-creator of a series of culturally rich, global folk sounds centered on rhythmic beats blended with a wide range of instruments.

Renowned drummer Mickey Hart provides soundtrack for the Mirage Resort upgraded volcano attraction on Las Vegas Strip..
Mickey Hart, renowned drummer, will provide soundtrack for the Mirage Resort’s upgraded volcano attraction on Las Vegas Strip.

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