Casey Hoban of Platinum Ice Records to Appear on Donny Deutsch Big Idea TV show

Great news for Casey Hoban of Platinum Ice Records/Movie Productions and Sedgwick & Cedar Holding Co.

Hoban will be appearing on CNBC: The Big Idea TV Show with host Donny Deutsch Thursday, September 25th at 10 p.m. Eastern.

This will be a follow up to the last show that Hoban did on the challenges of being a record label/movie production company.

Hoban will discuss their up coming major projects in Pre-production for the Platinum Ice Records team which includes a Major Motion Picture and soundtrack with fashion licensing and merchandizing deals as well as a Holiday album.

Platinum Ice Records physically began on Aug 6th 2006, however the true beginning of this masterful music organization took place many years prior to that date in the mind of one man. This mans name is Mr. AB Mosely. Mr. Mosely is an outstanding talent in all areas of the music industry and a sound veteran having taken part in the development of various major entertainers careers, as well as amassing over eight platinum records or which he was involved in. Mr. Mosely is mostly known for his outstanding vocal presence in the group RIF who won best Rap Artists of the Year on their entrance to the music scene and Best New Artists, as well as performed for the Olympics that year. Also he is known for his performances on the all time favorite Tupac hits “Temptations” and “Running From The Police”, as well as his work with the hit “Dear Momma” and more. With the addition of his life long friends, the legend Easy Mo Bee and Big Bub, Mosely has created an awesome arsenal of musical talent that ranges from soulful R&B to the mix of the various hip hop styles of today. This profound independent label is here to offer only the best in music entertainment and more.

Platinum Ice offers a wide variety of musical genius that stretches widely across the board. Not too many words can describe the great Easy Mo Bee’s contribution to the world of music. Having worked with and help molded some of the music worlds finest such as: Tupac, The Notorious BIG, Alicia Keys, Craig Mac, J Lo, Miles Davis, LL Cool J, The Lost Boyz and more, Easy Mo Bee is a huge contribution to the foundation of Platinum Ice Records. Having amassed over 25 platinum hits himself, Easy Mo Bee is a towering powerhouse producer, with the ability to bring out the best in any artist. With the aid of his brother LG, they have brought a major musical aspect to the structure of Platinum Ice Records. Anthony Mosely worked along side Easy in many of these ventures and together they are a force to be reckoned with. However, the addition of outstanding song writer/producer Big Bub, who also has quit a few platinum hits under his belt including such names as Blackstreet, Mary J, and the all time favorite My Prerogative by Bobby Brown, there is no stopping the continuous rise of the Platinum Ice Legacy. Big Bub also reached an outstanding level in his career, securing the position as Vice President of Motown Records, prior to their merger. Easy Mo Bee along side the Legendary Puff Daddy, aided in the creation of the great Bad Boy Legacy before his departure from their company.

Along with this team of great musical pioneers stands another group of awesome men, and they are Mr. Tom Simjian and Mr. Casey Hoban, two of the business worlds finest. They have claimed countless marvels in the world of multimillion investments, and have risen to the top of their game in every way imaginable. With a team this great the success of Platinum Ice is without measure, mega platinum records are on the way as we speak. However, one of the most outstanding aspects of this creation is the formation of the team itself. This brand new beast of a creation that highlights a blend of Brooklyn NYC, and South Carolina, is one of the most versatile units that has ever been created. From the ability to create hard knock Hip Hop of any flavor to soft smooth R&B that calms the soul, nothing is out of the reach of these great musical icons.

Platinum Ice Records is here to bring you a sound that is beyond your normal listen, and take to a world of music that has been long awaited and well deserved. Founded on blind faith, AB has brought together an all-cast of performers that will rewrite the world of Hip Hop and R&B. You can also catch Mr. Mosely on “The Best of the Source Awards” on stage with Tupac!

Casey Hoban


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