Lyrical Singer-Songwriter, John McKinstry is a Mixture of Rock, Soul & Reggae

As an honest and lyrical singer-songwriter, John McKinstry combines his experience with his music that contains poetic stories. But he also brings legendary stories and lore with simple songs about love lost yet found. His family background gave John the opportunity to spend time in Ireland, experiencing its musical energy.

Throughout the 1980s, John was a member of rock and roll purists The Wild Ones — playing the best as well as the worst live venues in Canada. He then went on to be the bass player for popular Toronto aka/reggae/club band The Skanksters in the 1990s — touring and recording two albums with them. John has also been a contribution to acclaimed Toronto dub collective Boogiewall Soundsystem.

Now on his own, he has released Goliath Falling, his first CD with Mojo Brand Music UK, in which all 13 tracks has a major mixture of rock, soul, and reggae that involves 18 veteran Toronto-based musicians. The CD was the result of a two-year walkabout that includes his stint in southern Africa, which completely affected his musical approach.

Collected Sounds Webzine (USA) calls Goliath “a joyous celebration of life… daring to hope for a change… as upbeat as they come.”

“McKinstry’s songs”, said Pitch Perfect Reviews (USA), “are soulful – he fully cooks each idea with the know-how and expertise of a four-star chef. Goliath Falling is delicious in its variety and inspiring in its zeal for life.”

In between his musical endeavors, John McKinstry has also managed to travel and see the world. His wandering travels play an important part in his music.

For more on John, go to his website at, or you can get in touch with him at [email protected] You can also get in touch with Mojo Brand at [email protected]