Goliath Falling CD Review

Goliath Falling is the first solo project from Canadian singer-songwriter John McKinstry. All 13 songs are the result of a two-year walkabout written in Belfast, the English countryside of County Suffolk, the Florida Panhandle, rural Zimbabwe, and in his Toronto hometown.

The CD is a mixture of rock, pop, soul, and reggae. The buzz around Goliath has been growing, and the record does live up to the hype. The lyrics of these songs are definitely poetry in motion, for they truly do deal with losing the love you have but trying not to forget it.

McKinstry brings a sense of spirituality with tracks such as “Our Countries, Right or Wrong”, “Baptized in Fire”, and “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” are some of the songs that are quite danceable.

Though when listening to them makes one think of sadness or depression, Goliath Falling is just the opposite. It is an infectious, upbeat record that is written and sung by an artist who shares his travels of the world through his music.

To find out how to get a copy of this CD, go online to John McKinstry – Goliath Falling or to listen to his music on his MySpace page. You can even email him at [email protected].