Celine Dion Edges Out U2 As America’s Favorite Singer/Musician

She may be French Canadian, but Americans love Celine Dion.

A Harris Poll taken April 29, 2010 says our “Hearts Will Go On” for Celine Dion, as our favorite singer. She edged out U2. The Harris Poll says the eternal debate over Elvis versus the Beatles, symbolized by “Blue Suede Shoes” versus “Hey Jude,” still has not been answered because they tied for third place.

Tim McGraw came in at number five, followed by Lady Gaga, who recently had a hit in the charts, then country boys George Strait and Rascal Flatts, then Alan Jackson and another blast from the past, Frank Sinatra. Country fans were obviously well represented in the poll, with three placings.

Men And Women Differ

Celine: Through the Eyes of the World, a documentary concert film chronicling the life of Celine Dion during the 2008-2009 Taking Chances World Tour.

Men prefer masculinity, making U2 number one, while women are more impressed with the feminine, placing Celine Dion first. Rascal Flatts has a fan base of single women, while married women went for Celine Dion.

Looking at political persuasion, Harris Interactive found that Republicans and Conservatives prefer U2, Democrats like Celine Dion and Independents prefer The Beatles. Liberals prefer The Beatles and Moderates prefer Celine Dion.

Where you live makes a difference too. Easterners and Southerners went for Celine Dion, Midwesterners like Tim McGraw and Westerners say their favorite is U2.

Generational changes come into place, of course, as expected. Echo Boomers (aged 18-33), prefer Rascal Flatts, Gen Xers (aged 34-45) prefer U2. Baby Boomers (aged 46-64) say The Beatles are their number one, while Matures (aged 65+) went for Celine Dion.

FAVORITE SINGER/MUSICIAN OR BAND “Who is your favorite singer/musician?”Unprompted responses
Base: All adults, 2010
Celine Dion1
Elvis Presley=3
Tim McGraw5
Lady Gaga6
George Strait7
Rascal Flatts8
Alan Jackson=9
Frank Sinatra=9
“=” prior to a number indicates a tie
Base: All adults
GroupFavorite Singer/Musician or Band
WomenCeline Dion
Marital Status of Women
Single WomenRascal Flatts
Married WomenCeline Dion
Political Party Identification
DemocratCeline Dion
Political Ideology
ModerateCeline Dion
Echo Boomers (18-33)Rascal Flatts
Gen X (34-45)U2
Baby Boomers (46-64)Beatles
Matures (65+)Celine Dion
EastCeline Dion
MidwestTim McGraw
SouthCeline Dion
Household Income
$34.9K or lessBeatles
$35K-$49.9KCeline Dion
$50K-$74.9KCeline Dion
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