Carola Eriksson: Gem on the Sea, Sings from the Heart

Carola Eriksson sings Hey Big Spender
Carola Eriksson sings Hey Big Spender

Amid the energy and rhythm of rolling waves, cruise ship lead female vocalist Carola Eriksson captivates with dynamic power and beauty of her own. Broadway musical to sensual Jazz, this Lane Theatre, London educated Swedish angel touches the soul from every side.

Her voice, bold-dramatic, or soothing violin resonates center stage where every pulse jumps. Sometimes brash and brazen, often melodious and soft, always her sound and presence entrances, audience participation encouraged.

And at the piano bar, sometimes the mood is simply listen. Simply, listen, and let music take you. A voice that haunts, reveals the heart, complex and sweet, Carola lets you inside to a not so secret place we all sometimes travel, a place of hope, life and love. That’s what beautiful words, music from the heart, can do.

Ms. Eriksson sails ocean-to-ocean, visiting continent and island, city and shore. In a world of gold and red glitter, crystal chandeliers, silk and sequence, her dream includes someday raising a family, not just entertain them, and this must be accomplished outside Neptune’s realm.

A break in a major musical, “Chicago,” “Mama Mia,” “Hairspray,” and she’s on her way.

For over three years, Carola continues to captivate vacationers, ever increasing her repertoire, honing skills, hoping to further her career. So while this “Mermaid of the Harbors” roams the sea searching for a home port, perhaps on Broadway, consider yourself graced to happenstance a Carnival cruise upon which she enhances already incredible shows, to spectacular.

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