Bling Divas Entertainment Showgirls Attend Latin Grammy Awards Nominees Event

The 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards nominees for excellence in music were announced at a special press conference, this week. The Latin Grammy honors works recorded in Spanish or Portuguese, produced anywhere in the world.

The special press conference was held in Los Angeles, California, at Avalon Hollywood, the historic night club and music venue, located near the intersection of the famous Hollywood and Vine. The “Las Vegas Showgirls” were booked by Latin Grammy Awards and represented by Bling Divas Entertainment.

Brianna Haynes Fields and Tatiana Turan at event

This year, the Latin Grammy Awards are to be held in Vegas, on Nov. 21, so this nomination event in Hollywood is a preparatory step. The local group, Bling Divas was hired to represent the Las Vegas theme, in a glittering display. They were asked to appear in glitzy red, and as usual, Bling Divas Entertainment delivered, led by dancer, choreographer and owner of Bling Divas Entertainment, Tatiana Turan.

Bling Divas Entertainment

When it comes to representing stunning and memorable themes, Bling Divas Entertainment is known for not only offering the very best in beautiful attire and costuming but also the best in talent.

Bling Divas represent clients for corporate event entertainment and for Hollywood Red Carpet events.

The Showgirls Were A Hit

Showgirls with Leslie Grace

“The girls were a hit as they entered the stage and remained there for the entire 30 minute announcement segment.” – Tatiana Turan

Nominees were announced at this event in seven categories with a different artist introducing each one. Two of them were Leslie Grace, 18, and Natalie Cole.


“One by one artists were introduced to come on stage to announce the nominees in seven different categories. Among them was the ever lovely Natalie Cole, who recorded a Spanish language album. She was among the nominees included in some very big categories.” – Tatiana Turan

Natalie Cole

Tatiana Turan as Showgirl with Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole was nominated for her Spanish language album, “En Espanol,” in the Album of the Year (Album del Ano) classification, and for a Duet With Juan Luis Guerra, “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida,” in the Record of the Year (Grabacion del Ano) classification.

Tatiana Turan was pleased to talk about her interaction with Natalie Cole.

“This is the second event that Ms. Cole attended for which the Bling Divas gals were booked! The first one was a few months back, this year, when Bling Divas Entertainment’s Sugar Dollz Cigarette Girls were hired for the NARM (music promotion) event. When I mentioned it to Ms. cole, she remembered the event and us!”


During the press conference there were many cameras, including television. As a result, Bling Divas ended up on several Spanish news shows.

“It was a treat to be part of another high-profile Hollywood event. I saw that we were on many TV shows, in Spanish, so it was difficult to know what was being said. However, judging from all the thumbs up from photographers, reporters and artists, I think we definitely did what we were hired to do – spice up the early, early morning announcements,” Tatiana Turan said.

Bling Divas’ Vegas Showgirls on stage at event

Even though NewsBlaze was not there in person, it is easy to see from event photos and video coverage that the Bling Divas Entertainment team was a big hit!

Brianna Haynes Fields and Tatiana Turan, both appearing with Bling Divas Entertainment, were happy to be a part of this exciting early morning event

Tatiana Turan is a sought-after Angelina Jolie impersonator, and she has been seen on tv, film, print and live events around the globe. Tatiana won Best Actress Award at the Reel Awards in 2005, for her portrayal of Angelina Jolie.


Check out Bling Divas Entertainment Vegas Showgirls and the fabulous video featuring Natalie Cole (below). Plus discover more of Bling Divas at Vevo, on Twitter, at Bling Divas Entertainment, and Google all the above to discover even more!

Bling Divas are on twitter: @BlingDivasLA

Tatiana Turan is on twitter: @tatianaturan and on IMDB

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