Big Hutch Raps Depth

Sasha Stoltz Publicity: The economy still in recession; stories of crime, corruption, politics, and schools closing down in Detroit; rise in unemployment and job loss; the first African-American President in the United States; the recent bankruptcy of the automotive industry – shouldn’t it be a good time for the voice of hip-hop and rap?

“I think what’s happening,” said Big Hutch, “is that we lost the essence of the hip-hop movement. Most of the hip-hop artists were underdogs. We had to crossover; I think people want to hear what’s next. There’s a depth; I still think people question what’s real. The average person is a real and deep person.”

Big Hutch, who was Vice President of Death Row Records, is known as Cold187um, one-third of Above The Law. He is also mentor and producer to Crooked I, whose album Hood Star is set for release on June 15 by WIDEawake – Death Row Entertainment LLC. “The thing I respected,” Big Hutch states, “was that Crooked I was hardworking: really solid cat, phenomenal work ethic. The thing that evolved with Crooked was that he was focused.”

Hood Star contains 15 tracks that includes Crooked I dueting with fellow hip-hop and R&B superstars such as Sisqo (“Thong Song,” “Incomplete”), Kurupt, and Ray J. “I believe it’s more of a grinding, over-the-top” Big Hutch continues. “Crooked is no different than he first started out. He has the talent, he has the drive, he has the passion. People who digged him right now will really respect him. You can tell who’s hungry by looking at the performance.”

Big Hutch is currently mixing his new album with Above The Law entitled Victims of Global Praise from his independent label set for a winter release next year. “We’re going to do a lot more stuff” he goes on. “The world works on the same time clock. We got the same problems. It’s still a feel-good record; all those things have to do with politics. We’re definitely in full stride.”

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