Bat Out of Hell DVD Review

Bat Out Of Hell, The Original Tour Meat Loaf DVD

Truly a wonderful walk down memory lane for me and all loyal Meat Loaf fans.

Like most fans, I bought – and still have – the original LP in vinyl that came out all those years ago. It has been listened to and loved each and every time I get the turntable cranked up. Still can not believe that 1977 was the year the album was released. In the words of Meat Loaf “It was long ago and far away; and it was so much better than it is today…” and those words say it so well.

The DVD brought Meat Loaf and Bat Out Of Hell to life again. I loved having all my old memories brought to the surface and yes I can remember things from that long ago! I even had to listen to the LP again to see who I preferred singing lead female. And I still can’t decide if Ellen Foley or Karla Devito did the better job singing. Karla gave Meat Loaf everything he gave her when they sang Paradise By The Dashboard Light on stage and I was left wanting more.

Meat Loaf’s voice was magnificent and to see him on stage reinforces for me what a terrific talent he was in the 1970’s. The DVD runs for about 89 minutes and after dancing around and listening to it, I realised just how much I miss hearing him on the radio these days.

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to relive the 1970’s part of their life and to much younger readers who love lively music – you can get some amazing inspiration here.

Bat Out Of Hell, The Original Tour

Meat Loaf

Sally Gray
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