Animal Whisperer, Launches New DVD

Kim Baker, released her DVD: “Groundwork Essentials: Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime,” which teaches horse guardians, not only how to train their horse, but also how to build a strong, everlasting relationship between their horse and themselves. Kim Baker is the founder of KB Natural Horsemanship, which is dedicated to educating horse guardians, through visualization, energy, breath and meditation methodologies, about the simple things they can do to improve their horse’s lives.

Kim’s “Groundwork Essentials: Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime” teaches viewers the basics for a strong foundation to a lasting relationship with a horse companion. The DVD focuses on building trust, respect, a working partnership and established leadership between horse-guardian and horse.

Throughout the DVD, Kim Baker walks the viewer through different exercises, breaks down ways to teach them to a horse and explains why each one is important and how it positively impacts a horse’s life. Each exercise will work for both young and older horses alike.

Kim BakerKim Baker is a talented natural horse clinician, trainer, and riding lesson instructor. She works to ensure the horse understands what she is asking during the training sessions. If the horse doesn’t understand, then Kim works to find a better way to communicate exactly what she is looking for in a response from the horse. So whether you’re an arena rider needing some trail work, or a trail rider needing some arena work, Kim can help you and your horse expand your training methods and tools to develop a well rounded horse that becomes better prepared to do his job.

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