A Fine Frenzy – Live in Los Angeles

A Fine Frenzy, led by the lovely Alison Sudol on vocals, finished their residency at the Coronet Theatre here in Los Angeles at Largo last month, to great success. “It’s always been a dream of mine to play here,” Alison stated, “And I’m so happy to have made that dream come true, even better, with a residency.” The L.A. native sold out a string of dates at the high profile venue frequented by famous comedians, with a final sold out date in which the adoring crowd soaked up every melody of her peaceful charm, and angelic voice.

Alternating between sitting for a stripped down acoustic set, to walking over to play piano, the audience was adoring when she let loose a stunning rendition of her hit ballad ‘Almost Lover’ from her debut album ‘One Cell In the Sea,’ with soulful passion. Girls and guys alike in the theatre had teary eyes. After new material from her latest ‘Bomb In A Birdcage,’ including her dancey new single ‘Electric Twist,’ and new material from her upcoming album not yet even recorded, Alison closed the blissful set with three memorable covers by Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and the Beatles.