Karbi Thai (Arrow) Short Film Goes International

Thai (Arrow) Enters International Arena

The Karbi word Thai means Arrow. Thai is a short film about a brother and sister, both orphans, caught up in war. The girl’s brother is killed, and she exacts vengeance on her brother’s murderers. The murderers took the lives of many innocents, for their own benefit.

Rode Sound

This unique film used Rode sound systems, dubbed on location amid stunning natural settings. It was filmed on Canon 7D and Gopro Hero3+ cameras.

The film has been entered into the world’s biggest short film competition organized by Rode Microphone, based in Sydney, Australia.

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Henry Kro

The film Thai (Arrow) has already captured 37th place competing against 1190 films from 86 countries globally. Thai is the maiden entry from northeast India.

The young Henry Kro, trained at Picasso Animation and Film making institute in New Delhi has made it possible to enter this world forum with his debut production, with excellent direction.

The Heroine

Thai (Arrow) centers around 16 year old Karbi heroine Rengsajir P Killingpi, daughter of acclaimed Diphu martial artist, Purna Timung. She is also a black belt herself. The excellent script and direction has her moving through her battle-packed performance keeping moviegoers captivated.

To prepare her for the actions she must take, she was trained by a master archer with the ancient bow and arrow. She was also shaped as an aggressive skilled fighter in karate. Then she came face to face with the villain, another connoisseur of the deadly art.

The story highlights the clash with Katana with the archaic bow and arrow. The film climaxes with a twin blast from the master archer.

Support The Film

The outcome of the global short film contest in the action category will be announced on July 3, 2015.

Register your support for the film by voting at the web address WWW.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/530 from you internet browser and press enter “VOTE.”

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Watch the trailer of Thai Arrow: