Good Soil Plants Its Seed Onto DVD

Available on DVD today is the Christian samurai film, Good Soil. Starring Shin Koyamada (Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, The Last Samuari), it is written and directed by Craig Shimahara.

The short film is a screen adaptation — adding the retelling of the sower parable from Matthew 13:1-23 with a peek of the cause of the Japanese being converted to Christianity under the shogunate.

European ships brought Christianity to Japan in 1549, for almost a century, Christianity has been growing under the careful eye of the shogun. But the fear of foreign influence eventually gave into increasing persecution. However, Japanese Christians only had several years of peace in 1624.

The protagonist, Masuda Jinbei, is both a samurai and a Japanese Christian. His strength comes from his faith, family, and friends. His life has been good, until the shogun intensely declares religious cleansing. Now Masuda must choose between protecting his family — or abiding by his faith.

Good Soil is a film not only for Christians, but also for those interested in marital arts and the Japanese culture.

It can be purchase online either at Amazon, or its official website at

Source: Christian Newswire