Batman: Gotham Knight DVD Review

“I am vengeance!

I am the night!


The DVD of Batman: Gotham Knight follows after Batman Begins and before The Dark Knight, as six short filmisodes finds our haunting crusader against The Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and the deadly hit man known as Deadshot. The stories also find Batman taking on both the Russian and Italian crime organizations while trying to prevent a mob war on both sides.

Kevin Conroy is once again the voice of the dark protagonist, along with David McCallum (The Man from UNCLE, NCIS) as trusty butler/confidant Alfred Pennyworth. Former CSI Gary Dourdan and Batman alum Will Friedle are several of the actors that have also lended their voices.

The DVD is a two-disc “Special Edition” loaded with an audio commentary, four episodes of the 1990s FOX acclaimed, award-winning animated Batman series, two extras (“Batman and Me: The Bob Kane Story”, “A Mirror for the Bat”), and a sneak peek of the upcoming animated Wonder Woman, which will be released on DVD next February.

Batman: Gotham Knight is more like a graphic comic book novel coming to life because the title explains it all. More than the Caped Crusader, Batman brings light and hope into a city filled with crime and injustice. He watches over the night while the police watch the day — striking fear in the hearts of criminals, protecting those that can’t defend themselves. Though he is human, he is still an incorruptible symbol in a corrupt world — a symbol of justice … a symbol of vengeance … a symbol of goodness.

Batman: Gotham Knight is available on DVD in stores now.

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