Arts Express: On Stage Reimaginings And Revelations

Nevermore! The Imaginary Life And Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe:

Nevermore is a vividly conceived musical fantasy on stage, focusing on the iconic and tragic American poet and author.

Scott Shpeley, who plays Poe, phones in to Arts Express to talk about bringing that dark, lush literary voice to life, and the process of becoming Poe – physically, psychologically, emotionally and artistically. And while delving creatively into questions of loneliness and existence, laced with haunting, gothic melodies.


The Fantasticks:

A conversation with the young star Max Crumm about the longest running musical in the world, how and why. And what is freshly imagined in this latest revival and reinterpretation, originally conceived by Tom Jones over half a century ago. Along with the process of making the character his own, and the nightly exhilaration of breaking through the fourth wall with the audience.


Listen To The Show Here

Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman:

A daring and dynamic theater tribute during Black History Month to the late African American dramatist, poet and author Amiri Baraka’s controversial 1964 classic. Dutchman’s producer and director Woodie King phones in to Arts Express to describe mounting a very new and different staging of the award winning play. Taking the text in a direction not seen or heard before, and what it has to do with nightmares, and the NYC subway as metaphor for the underbelly of slave ships during the Middle Passage. Chris Butters reports.


Prairie Miller
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