Nostalgia and Period Soundtrack Drive 70’s Culture Thriller Kuleana

Honolulu – KULEANA, the Hawaiian mystery and culture thriller is being held over in selected theaters for the sixth week.

Set in 1971, it is a story about a disabled Vietnam veteran who is having compounded problems. His life is a mess and he is toxic to everyone that surrounds him. He slowly rediscovers the Hawaiian warrior within himself so as to protect his family and defend their land.

Culture Thriller Kuleana
Culture Thriller Kuleana poster

Written and directed by Brian Kohne, the full feature is getting rave revues. It opened in Hawaii and Guam and it is being held over. The soundtrack is also a big hit and features the music designs of Willie K and Johnny Wilson.

It has some world-wide 70’s hits and the socially conscience movie screams of early 70’s pop-culture.

It immediately draws the viewer to Hawaiian nostalgia and the controversy of the U.S. Navy bombing the Hawaiian Island of Kaho’olawe for practice.

Kohne said, “I was a five-year old living in Maalaea on Maui, I’d witness the annihilation of Kaho’olawe every day and night. And when I’d ask adults what’s going on, they’d simply say, ‘The Navy is bombing Kaho’olawe for target practice,’ as though it were okay.”

“As the years went on, the issue burned a hole in my heart, and as an artist it took some time to figure what I wanted to say about it and more importantly, how.”

The film stars Moronai Kanekoa, Sonya Balmores, Kristina Anapau, Augie T, and Stefan Schaefer. It also features Branscombe Richmond, Vene Chun, Kainoa Horcajo, Kealani Warner, Mel Cabang, Bill Hensley and the people of Hawaii. Cinematography was by veteran Dan Hersey and costumes were by Beth Kelleher of New York.

KULEANA will preview in Los Angeles, May 5.