Kam’s Kapsules June 19, 2009: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

For movies opening June 19, 2009


The Proposal (PG-13 for profanity, nudity and sexuality) Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds co-star in this romantic comedy about a high-powered book editor who impulsively pressures her long-suffering assistant into pretending they’re engaged in order to prevent immigration officials from deporting her back to Canada. Supporting cast includes Betty White, Michael Nouri, Mary Steenburgen and Craig T. Nelson.

Whatever Works (PG-13 for nude images, sexual situations, frank dialogue and mature themes) Woody Allen wrote and directed this romantic comedy about a suicidal, grumpy old genius (Larry David) who gets a new lease on life after falling in love with a young Southern Belle (Evan Rachel Wood). Cast includes Patricia Clarkson, Michael McKean and Ed Begley, Jr.

Year One (PG-13 for crude humor, slapstick violence, brief profanity and sexuality) Buddy comedy about a couple of cavemen (Jack Black and Michael Cera) who embark on an epic journey around the world during Biblical times after being banished from their primitive homeland. Ensemble includes Bill Hader, Hank Azaria, Oliver Platt, Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz “McLovin” Plasse, Horatio Sanz and Vinnie Jones.


$9.99 (R for profanity, sexuality and nudity) Stop-action puppet show, set in Australia, takes a satirical look at an unemployed, 28 year-old’s (Samuel Johnson) search for the meaning of life as he crosses paths with an array of eccentric neighbors at his apartment complex in Sydney. With voiceovers by Geoffrey Rush, Anthony LaPaglia and Henry Nixon.

Dead Snow (Unrated) Horror comedy, set in Alta, Finnmark, about eight med students whose Easter vacation turns into a nightmare when they find their ski lodge is surrounded by an army of Nazi zombies. Cast includes Vegar Hoel, Charlotte Frogner and Bjorn Sundquist. (In Norwegian with subtitles)

Dead Snow

D.J. Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation (Unrated) Cut-and-paste remix of D.W. Griffith’s 1915 classic courtesy of a hip-hop artist who reworks the controversial Civil War saga into a thought-provoking cinematic collage.

The End of the Line (Unrated) Climate-change documentary making a chilling wake-up call about the devastating ecological impact of over-fishing on the Earth’s oceans leaving numerous species of marine life near extinction.

Irene in Time PG-13 for Sexuality and mature themes) Dysfunctional family comedy from legendary indie director Henry Jaglom chronicles how the fallout of a troubled father-daughter relationship subsequently influences the marriage of daddy’s little girl (Tanna Frederick) Cast includes Karen Black, Victoria Tennant and Lanre Idewu.

Under Our Skin (Unrated) Lyme Disease is the subject of this dramatic expose’ detailing the untold story of how the corrupt medical system has failed to address one of the most serious epidemics of our time.

The Windmill Movie (Unrated) Posthumously-produced autobio-pic examines the last 20 years in the life of Harvard University’s Dick Rogers (1944-2001) as edited by one of his students from reams of footage the hedonistic film professor shot of himself.

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