Justin Bieber Involved In July Truck Accident With Paparazzo

Oh, Justin Bieber. Even when he’s not actively trying to get into trouble, it just seems to find him wherever he goes. Putting the fear of God into paparazzi everywhere, Bieber struck a paparazzo with his truck earlier in July when trying to flee a Beverly Hills event. In all fairness, the accident was deemed as such. Bieber helped the injured man while waiting for authorities to arrive, and everyone went on their happy way when no citations were given. Bieber to one of his palaces in the Los Angeles hilltops, or wherever, and the paparazzo to a nearby hospital. Tra la la.

It appears the truck accident won’t besmirch his record. In apparently unrelated news, Bieber canceled his worldwide tour to kick it at the beach. According to him, he just needed a wee bit of rest. According to perhaps less trustworthy sources, he found Jesus. Yes, you read that correctly. Bieber is a member of the devout now. But it shouldn’t come as a very big surprise since he’s had a close relationship with Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz for a while now. This is probably for the best, considering his antics some years back. Bieber needs all the enlightenment he can find. If the rapture occurs, there will be more space for the rest of us.

If you’re involved in an accident with a larger commercial truck, then you’re probably in for a rough time. Out of the 3,852 people who were killed in truck crashes in 2015, only sixteen percent of the drivers were fatally injured. Everyone else–that’s sixty-nine percent–was either a driver or passenger of the other vehicle struck. In other words, if you’re not already driving a massive hunk of metal mixed with diesel fuel, then it’s something to think about.

On the other hand, if you’ve already been in an accident with a truck, then you’ll probably want to retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the ins and outs of situations just like yours. A qualified legal representative can help you get the most money back if someone else was the cause of the accident, and can also help you navigate communication between law enforcement, insurance representatives, and everyone else. Why take the chance you’re doing something wrong when you don’t have to?

These accidents are often different because most truck drivers are paid to drive–and therefore may have been on the road for hours and hours, which can affect their ability to remain alert. If you were involved in an accident like this, then your lawyer will conduct an investigation of the driver and his or her truck in order to make sure everyone was on their best behavior.

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