Khrish Trading Brings Caribbean Style to Hollywood

Curacao is one of The Netherlands exotic Caribbean islands. It is known for its retail shopping and clothing, fine cuisine, beautiful beaches, sunny temperatures, and diverse mix of people.

A designer and fashion entrepreneur named Rishi, hailing from Caracao, didn’t have to look long to decide where next to call home and expand his horizons. He landed in Los Angeles, California, entertainment capital of the world, and the rest is history.

We had the pleasure to speak with Rishi for The Hollywood Sentinel and NewsBlaze and get to know more about this very interesting man and his company.

An Exclusive Interview with Rishi-Khrish Trading International

Hollywood Sentinel: Who are you, for those who don’t know you?

Rishi: My name is Bharat K Vasandani. My friends call me Rishi.

Hollywood Sentinel: What do you do?

Rishi: I am the Managing Director of Khrish Trading, LLC. We import men’s and boys clothing and wholesale in the U.S. We also source a diverse array of products for whoever needs anything from India, Indonesia, China and Thailand.


Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. Why did you start doing this?

Rishi: This was a family trade which I kind of fell into. I opened up in the United States last year, wanting to expand my family’s business and also grow personally.

Hollywood Sentinel: Interesting. How did you start?

From The Island of Curacao

Rishi: I started in my dad’s business in Curacao, which is in the Dutch Caribbean. I started hauling boxes from the containers into the warehouse, and vice versa. I also was packing and assembling orders. I decided to start at the bottom instead of going managerial right away. I mean, how would you know how to manage everyone if you had no idea what they were going through?

Hollywood Sentinel: That makes sense. What is your passion about the work you do?

Rishi: Well, I am a very dedicated worker. The passion that drives me in this business is that I get to exercise my creativity in clothing and marketing. I have traveled and seen so much that now I can share the experience and contacts, which brings more opportunities to make more money.

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. What is the greatest challenge in your work?

Rishi: The greatest challenge is getting the right startup funding required to show what my relationships with these three hundred new factories can produce. I have already launched three brands, and now have started a private label. The second most challenging aspect of work is marketing. Getting the work out there, and letting people know that we can help you!

Never Give Up

Hollywood Sentinel: I understand! Well you can know that talking with us will help get some of that word out there! What is your advice to those wanting to do what you do?

Rishi: Never ever give up, keep pushing, sooner or later someone will see what you are doing.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s good, I like that.

Dance to Life’s Beat

Hollywood Sentinel: What is your life motto?

Rishi: Listen to life’s rhythm, and dance to its beat.

Hollywood Sentinel: Ha! Cool, I like that a lot too! Where did you grow up, and what was it like?

Rishi: I grew up on a Dutch Caribbean island called Curacao. It was amazing! Imagine this; 150,000 people, with over 50 countries represented. It’s like a mini-world. The amount of culture I absorbed in Curacao helps me navigate all around the world.

khrishtrading LA

To Hollywood

hollywood Sentinel: Wow! That sounds amazing! I want to read more about this place now. What is your favorite thing about living and working in Los Angeles?

Rishi: The arts! I am very passionate about creativity in general.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great! So are we.

An Entertaining Life

Rishi: Yes, and here in L.A. it spews out of everywhere. Artists, bands, singers, dancers, actors, what have you, is here. Life is very entertaining here.

Hollywood Sentinel: Ha, yes, I agree! And you were entertaining here for us Rishi! Thank you for this great interview and we hope to learn more about you and your work soon! Where can people check out your fashion lines and store?

Rishi: Thank you! They can go to:

Khrish Trading at

1422 Santee Street

Los Angeles, California, 90015

Phone: 213-536-5277

And visit on the web at: