A Perfect Date with Russian Beauty and Singing Sensation Lilia Mai

The Perfect Date with Russian Beauty and Singing Sensation Lila Mai is discussed as she reveals here the key to love and romance; in this exclusive interview with the beautiful young, talented singer; exclusively for NewsBlaze.

A Perfect Date with Russian Beauty and Singing Sensation Lilia Mai 1
Lilia Mai, image (c). 2017, Lilia Mai, all rights reserved.

As reported earlier in NewsBlaze, “Lilia Mai was born in the rich, elegant city of St. Petersburg, The Empirical Capital of Russia, and a world traveler her whole life, Lilia Mai has walked in the lands of over 40 countries. Traveling with her award winning journalist mother on her assignments; Lilia has trained with the best and brightest minds and talent of her time from around the world, and was groomed for gold. A singer of impeccable quality, with a sensual, sweet, lovely voice; the world class talent of Lilia Mai has now signed with A-List firm Starpower Management in Los Angeles, California, who the firm calls ‘one of the greatest new voices of our time.'”

As noted earlier on ABC News and Fox News, Lilia Mai began singing at the mere age of four years old. The Hollywood Sentinel states, “The stunningly gifted chanteuse is breathtakingly as talented – as she is lovely to behold.” The magazine adds, “Adoring classical Russian composers Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, as well as a large love of jazz, blues, and American pop music; the elegant, sweet, and stunningly talented Lilia Mai has a level of cultured sophistication well beyond her young twenty-five years of age.”

An Exclusive Interview with Lilia Mai

The Hollywood Sentinel had the pleasure to do an exclusive interview with the rising star for NewsBlaze, with excerpts into the heart and mind of the great new singer, as follows;

The Perfect Date

Hollywood Sentinel: You are massively talented, with such a lovely, beautiful voice. And you are also incredibly beautiful. We are curious, as the romantic time of the holidays are close, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Lilia Mai: My idea of the perfect date would be; walking in the park or garden around the pond, lake, river or sea, feeding the birds or animals, swimming near the boat, looking into each other’s eyes, watching splendid sunsets together, having dinner on the rooftop with a beautiful view with candles lit all around, or on the beach, listening to slow music and near the Ocean, dancing, oh, and I love surprises! I have made a lot of plans and still have 1001 different ideas for the future!

A Perfect Date with Russian Beauty and Singing Sensation Lilia Mai 2
Image: Lilia Mai, (c). 2017, Lilia Mai, all rights reserved.

Blindfolded and Floating

On one date; once in the car, I blindfolded my man while we were drinking champagne, and then I led him to the park and removed the ribbon from his eyes – yet only when we were in the air-in a hot air balloon!

Hollywood Sentinel: (laughs) That’s amazing. You are definitely an exciting date!

Lilia Mai: Before that, he was the one who made a lot of amazing surprises. But the truth is, that when you are in love, it doesn’t matter where you are; everything is truly magical just because of your feelings! So the answer is just being in love, and to be generous in creating a history of happiness for each other!

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s beautiful. What is the most romantic or beautiful place on Earth you have been to?

Lilia Mai: “I’ve been so many places in my life and time” (singing). The most beautiful place on earth for me is first of all nature beauty, It’s where I belong to be, I would rather live surrounded by nature then by people.

Exotic Thailand’s island, where you don’t have to wear any clothes all day long, feeling primal freedom, and nature!

Blue Laguna; also on the joyful Caribbean island – with almost no people there. Breathtaking Santorini; where I have spent my last birthday. The suburbs of Athens are also unbelievably beautiful! Endlessly stunning views from Eze (Chèvre D’or), Cap Ferrat, Antibes, Menthon, St. tropez in the South of France, Mysterious Morocco, Dubai, Egypt, Turkey,Tunisia; the deserts there, where the music and Oriental charm made me love it forever!

Magic Nights full of stars in the mountains in Austria, in Georgia; Winter fairytale in Courchavel. Monserrat Monastery in Spain is a magical place for the spirit and its views! The inspiring sunsets in Santa Fee; unforgettable beauty, the nature in England and Scotland impressed me so much, Argentina was remarkable; the beauty of Bariloche, Patagonia and Iguazú, as well as Río de Janeiro from “Sugar Head” – amazing views!

The funniest thing is that going back home makes me the happiest girl!

Hollywood Sentinel: That is all incredible. You are so well traveled and cultured, it’s great. Now, tell us please in your view, why do good people suffer?

Lilia Mai: Suffering purifies the soul. Life is not black and white; people are not always just good or exactly bad. Even good people are able to be mistaken, 

But the difference is in the way you choose. The easiest road is “to sell the soul to the devil.” No soul – no pain. It’s easy to live this way, thinking that you don’t have a divine and immortal soul, but in the end, it is the only thing you’ll possess after death. Therefore, it’s up to you to ruin and sell your most precious gift – your soul, or save it for the eternity as a treasure. The most difficult and right decision is to remain strong in your beliefs and The most difficult and right decision is to remain strong in your beliefs and moral principles.

 But it’s always brings happiness to stay on the right path, to feel the light inside of you, and to be the light.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s beautiful. How do you want to be remembered when you are gone?

Lilia Mai: For my children, for art, for the love that I give, for the world that will become a little better, for the lives and hearts I will touch, for being a muse, for the feelings I am full of. As I wrote in my song, “this sensuality will stay in eternity.” There are so many valuable things I want to do – I will do my best in this life, and how I will be remembered Is the second question.

See the video and hear the song “Burning Inside,” by the stunning beauty and talent Lilia Mai, here below;

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