How to Optimize E-Commerce via Blockchain PR

Just about everyone has heard of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies and even the uninitiated have heard of Bitcoin, in the nightly news.

The blockchain is not just confined to Bitcoin, though. It has spread far and wide and could very well change the world. If it’s going to do this however, then it’s going to take some great blockchain startups. And a good blockchain needs good blockchain PR, also known as Crypto PR.

How Does Crypto PR work?

Crypto PR is the specialty of a blockchain PR company that has the knowledge, experience, connections and know-how a business owner already has, combined with the knowledge of the target audience, to publicize a blockchain startup.

This short guide will explain their work and the blockchain PR industry in a little more detail, looking at what a crypto publicist or marketer needs when trying to create brand awareness around a new startup.

Crypto PR has worked wonders for ICOs such as Bancor; who raised $153M in just three hours thanks to some solid PR, and while not everyone can get those results having the right blockchain PR company on the company’s side goes a long way.

Understand the Audience

Any good PR plan begins by understanding the audience. The audience of anything involving the blockchain is split into two groups; those who understand the blockchain and those who don’t. People in the know will typically come from an already established cryptocurrency. They regularly invest in ICOs or spend a lot of time in the community. Either way, they are already knowledgeable on the subject and need to be addressed in their language; any blockchain PR needs to use the proper terminology and demonstrate some level of know-how. This crowd is also reading specific publications and may be on different social media platforms than the mainstream audience.

Then there is the second group; the ones who aren’t as up to date on the blockchain. These people are new to the scene and the only thing they know for sure is that blockchain is the hot new thing. They’ve heard terms such as “crypto” and they may have done some research on bitcoin, but they don’t know much at all about how it all works. A good PR campaign can target both audiences and does so using different messages that cater to the different groups.

A Good Blockchain PR Company Goes a Long Way

It all sounds a little complicated; the idea of targeting two different groups with two different messages. That’s where bringing in the professionals helps. These companies have plenty of experience talking to those in and outside of the crypto world. They have experience with both PR and crypto, putting it all together to create Crypto PR. Smart companies let them take care of the hard work and open up time for optimizing e-commerce and taking care of old and new customers alike.