Fantasy App Game Looking for Talented Artists

Pegasus Productions is seeking a team of highly talented and passionate artists, to work on Elflandea, the unique fantasy card game application.

The epic saga of Elflandea is one of survival in a fantasy world that parallels our own, yet is filled with magic, monsters and adventure. Pegasus Productions strives to demonstrate unique concepts that have never been seen before – concepts that will define the next level of fantasy gaming apps.

In order to find the best artists for this exciting project, Pegasus Productions launched the “Elf Original Art Submissions” contest. They are looking for artists that can add particular details and images that are part of the creative story line and script. The company says three (3) winners will be chosen to create original artwork for the Elflandea card game, and will be awarded a total of $1,200. As the game progresses there will be an opportunity for more art to be included.

In addition, they are also looking to create a breathtaking storyboard to pitch towards major television networks, which will be paid separately. Art submissions can be any of the following: Orc, Elf, Pegasus, Drow Elf, Mushroom, Pixie, Griffon, Giant, Troll, Gnome, Dwarf, Ogre, Velociraptor, Druid, Centaur, Dire Wolf, Zombie.

Artists looking to participate will need to join the Facebook group “Elf Original Art Submissions” and include three (3) color pieces of art for potential art cards, plus one (1) example of story board work.

Pegasus Productions staff are available for interviews or for guest spots on your show: Call Don at (813) 792-2181